Danity Kane Talks Comeback Show, D. Wood’s Absence: Watch

Nov 23rd, 2013 // 2 Comments
Making The Band (Again)
D. Woods, Solo
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The reunited Danity Kane sat down to talk about their first show in five years, plus the absence of founding member D. Woods from the current lineup. According to the group, timing played a crucial role.

“We were ready,” Aundrea Fimbres said to Rap-Up. “It kinda started as a phone call, a text to each of us and then we went to lunch and it was like no time had passed.” Well, almost: When Danity Kane (Fimbres, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex) got together at a Los Angeles restaurant, TMZ asked whether Diddy was involved as he was in its Making the Band days. “Who’s that?” O’ Day said.

Danity Kane didn’t make any quips while talking about the still-solo D. Woods. “Everybody had solo careers … and we all told each other that we would stop,” Richard said. “We gave each other a date, and so we respect that. At this time, word is everything. Bond is everything. Word is bond, and that’s something that we didn’t have.” O’Day leans into the frame.

“Bound,” she says. “Uh huh, honey.” Okay, there was one quip.

Damaged? Hardly. Los Angeles residents can see for themselves when Danity Kane performs Dec. 16 at the House of Blues. For now, check out its Rap-Up talk up top.



  1. drew

    Exactly what I was worried about. Dawn’s “Blackheart” was supposed to be here already, but no words about it.

    And now Dawn is acting like this “stop” was planned. Don’t give up on your fans who like you solo…

    • Oz

      She already said in previous interviews that Blackheart will be released when DK is done with whatever this upcoming project entails (recording, TV show, album release, promotion, touring). She even alluded to the fact that Blackheart was pretty much done, but that she committed to DK, so she’s postponing her solo stuff. She said that MONTHS ago, so who’s “acting?” Aubrey barely even promoted her own EP, “Behind Two Evils,” in favor of working on the DK project. I think they’re making a good effort at committing to a quality product. Let’s hope “Blackheart” happens in a year or so…

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