Britney Spears’ ‘Britney Jean’: Stream The Full Album

Britney Spears‘ much-anticipated eighth studio album Britney Jean is now streaming online. Hyped as the pop icon’s most personal album yet, the set boasts instructional lead single “Work Bitch”, Sia-penned ballad “Perfume” as well as prematurely surfaced tracks “Alien”, “Passenger” (my pick as the LP’s best song) and “Brightest Morning Star”.

That material isn’t particularly raw or intimate but does the rest of the LP follow through on the promise? Well, there’s nothing personal about club bangers “It Should Be Easy”, “Til It’s Gone” and “Tik Tik Boom”. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Luciana-penned floorfiller “Body Ache” is a future club classic and Brit’s kooky duet with sister Jamie Lynn Spears, which includes the iconic lyric “I drank some red wine and now I’m walking on the sky”, is seriously camp. Listen to Britney Jean after the jump.

Listen to the album in full over at iTunes. So, how did Britney do? Is this material worth of her status or a rare misfire? Have your say in the comments below.

  • Justin SanDiego

    I looked at itunes and cant find the place to stream the album…

    • Tavo Corgnali

      kinda like it, like it a lot.

    • Tavo Corgnali

      justin go to the artist page in itunes.

      • LeeD

        itunes only allows me to pre-order the new album and to preview a minute of Work and Perfume. No other songs are accessible.

    • Andru Ur PsychicPopstar

      Jus look up ‘Britney’ on iTunes. It’s there. AMAZING album!! Perfume had me worried, but it’s really, really good music. Good for her!

  • Tanner

    It’s good! It’s a new page for her, not like her last 2 albums.

  • rempo

    This album is great, I really like it but Femme Fatale was better

  • sarah

    how do you listen on itunes im so confused

  • danny

    Til It’s Gone is the BEST song!!!!! OMG. I’m getting LIFE.

  • danny

    Eh this “I’m With You” reminds me of that Fifth Harmony song “Me and My Girls”. Pass on that one.

  • jonathan

    new low in her career

  • Pinky

    Britney always manages to change it with every album, I personally think this album is better than her previous, it’s more voice, less robot.

  • Justin SanDiego

    Thanks Tavo!
    For others who had problems, you have to to Britney spear’s page, NOT THE ALBUM! Check out if you need help, they have pictures.

  • Justin SanDiego

    The album is so different from what i’m use to too, but still GREAT. I’m gunna need more time to fully appreciate it.

    As of now the standouts are Alien, Passenger, Body Ache, and Don’t Cry. I can’t deny, Femme Fatale is better than this. But all in all, a fantastic album. I’m hoping to get some of the “work Bitch” merchandise for the Holidays!!!

  • LeeD

    How did you people get to the direct area to stream the album? Link bring me to pre-order the album on itunes. Only songs I can preview for a minute are Work and Perfume. I can see other titles of songs on the albums but those not released yet aren’t highlighted and I can’t access. WTF!?!?

  • Jasper Q

    wow!!!!! great album! love ALIEN, TiL ITS GONE, PERFUME!!! glad i pre ordered the album… even the bonus tracks are good!

  • sweetlooweeze

    yesss!!! love this album. every track bangs except perfume. body ache is my jam.

  • jamison

    i can see how it’s a more personal album (for britney at least) but for such a legendary artist this is a disappointment. is horrid, and most of the tracks are just plain lackluster. it’s not all bad though, Alien, Tik Tik Boom, & Til It’s Gone are great. (even the jamie lynn song ain’t half bad)

  • Jessica

    I love Chillin With You – her collab with her sister Jamie Lynn. What a gorgeous song!! And Passenger, that’s my other favourite. And Perfume.

  • christian

    Till It’s Gone isn’t personal??

    “So lost ever since you went away
    Sometimes our lives forever change
    My heart’s never gonna be the same
    Cause you cam and you gave me a place
    Place to lay my pain
    Why’d you take it away?”

    Songs don’t have to be ballads to be personal. Look at the lyrics before you label a song.

  • nadia ali

    At first i want to start that the 1st single should be til its gone. Cuze tis the highlight of the album. N 2:nd single should be work bitch n 3.rd body ache or chillin with u. Lets go to the album now, am a huge Brit fan, I liked femme fatale alot, n i didnt care about the robotic vocie that everyone has talked about i just enjoyed the music. N my expections on this album was very diffrent, Cuze they talked about a diffrent diraction on this album, more urban n more personal. I can understand its a little more personal, but hey urban? MY ASS!! i thought they will bring Britney back to the IN the Zone/Blackout n Circus. Cuze those r her best albums. N Britney Jean sound excatly like femme fatale but with a ballad n will i am touch on it n not as good as femme fatale. sorry. But am gonna buy it to support BRItney. She is my queen. But i dont see the album will blow out on the charts. Her fans gonna buy it at first week n then gonna disappear. People wanted something difrrent this time, but they get the old femme fatale britney with will i am robotic voice again;(…..her label n mangaer want to destroy her. cuze the have a new artist the believe on n its the horse MILEY CYRUS…R.I.P Britney spears n Britney JEAN….

  • Darren

    Am so proud and happy with this new album!!! Loving alien , tik tik boom , passenger , chilling with you , don’t cry , practically the entire album!!!! so proud of Britney!

  • iloveharrystyles

    great album! finally britney brings something new to the table.. and still manages to make it entertaining

  • RUF

    It’s a great GREAT album. She plays with EDM as well as mid-tempos that clearly grow on you from the first listen on. Till It’s Gone = Amazing. Chillin with you is pretty cool too, I’m loving Jamie Lynn in this new era. Some tracks are really, but DUH! He is the main producer after all. Don’t Cry it’s like the Britney soundtrack for a Tarantino movie, I’m obsessed with it as well. Obviously, Perfume, Alien and Passenger are great pieces of work. I’m dying to hear the rest of the album.

  • John

    I can’t believe after her last four albums, all of which were GOLD (ok, Circus was silver), that her name is on this project. As a huge fan, I’m angry. The only obvious hit is “Passenger,” but I do love “Alien.” The thing is, it doesn’t seem personal at all. She has a writing credit on a song that we know was a demo for GRL and none of the lyrics were changed. This is, without a doubt, the worst album of her career. I’m going to go off and play “When Your Eyes Say It” and enjoy it more than pretty much everything except for the two songs mentioned and the singles on this album. I do love “When Your Eyes Say It,” though. Such an underrated gem. My feelings run so deep. Here’s to hoping the bonus tracks are better!

  • AntonDiva

    the whole album brings a lot of new things to the Britney repertoire.. and i know a lot of people who think toherwise but there seems to be a cohesive mood in the whole album….she was right when sh said that the album is MOODY. as a britney fan since BOMT.. I have to say that her music is maturing well along with me

  • David Max

    This album is great,