Avril Lavigne’s Pop Report Card: We Grade Her 5 Albums

This Thanksgiving, it’s Avril’s world, and we’re just writing about it. After winning our Pop Star Poll earlier this month on who should take over the site this holiday, we now bring you all that is Lavigne.

As Canadians around the world awaken, snarling and raising black-nail-polished middle fingers to the breaking of another Abbey Dawn, they feel an irresistible urge deep within their maple syrup-soaked veins: all hail our motherf***ing princess!

No, not Basic Middleton: the people’s true princess: Avril Ramona Lavigne, who began her reign in 2002 and just this month released her self-titled fifth album.

As liquid eyeliner stockholders rejoice at her return to the charts, let’s grade each of her studio sets to see how La Lavigne scores on Idolator’s Pop Report Card. Flip through the gallery above to see Avril’s scholastic aptitude thus far!