Lady Gaga Criticizes A Katy Perry Fan’s Twitter Handle In The Name Of Online Kindness

Lady Gaga wants to make the internet a happier, brighter place where everyone gets along and supports one another. (Good luck with that!) The first step in her one woman mission is a Twitter campaign with the hashtags #promoteonlinekindness and #thinkbeforeyoutweet.

It’s a simple concept. If you talk trash, Mother Monster will block you and/or unfollow you — clearly a fate worse than death for some fans. But she doesn’t stop there. The “Applause”-loving pop star also disapproves of seemingly inoffensive Twitter handles, as a couple of Katy Perry fans soon found out.

“Sorry for spreading negativity, please unblock me I love you,” tweeted a devastated @KatySlaysUrFav. That sentiment was shared by @katyslays1. Unfortunately Gaga was not satisfied, tweeting: “you should change your name. it’s not a competition. its music & meant to be beautiful.”

While the ARTPOP diva clearly has good intentions, someone should tell her that “slay” is now part of the online vernacular and, more often than not, is used without any ill intent. To her credit, she’s also discouraging little monsters from using the term. See internet policewoman Lady Gaga in action after the jump.

Is Lady Gaga taking this too far? Is blocking and reprimanding fans for supporting other artists actually another form of online bullying? Have your say in the comments below.