Popping Up: My Crazy Girlfriend

Popping Up is our recurring look at new artists making noise on the music landscape. Because, hey — Madonna and Britney were once unknown, too.

The story behind My Crazy Girlfriend sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie. A group of friends, who also happen to be amazing yet struggling artists, decide to join forces and form a super group. They then get signed to a major label (Capitol Records, in this case) and go on to become rich and famous. Ok, I’m making up the last bit but it could well happen!

Comprised of fierce femcee Cosmo, powerhouse vocalist Myah Marie and pop/hip-hop production duo (and twin brothers) Laze & Royal, the awesome foursome is already generating significant buzz with profanity-filled debut single “Go Fuck Yourself”. It’s a fun and memorable introduction to the band’s unique approach to pop and endearingly irreverent style.

We were lucky to conduct the band’s very first on-camera interview for the latest segment of Popping Up and learned all there is to know about My Crazy Girlfriend. Watch up top.

MEMBERS: Justyn Armstrong, Bennett Armstrong, Myah Marie and Cosmo (sometimes credited as Cosmo Doll).

AGES: The Armstrong twins and Myah Marie are 24. Cosmo is 26.

HOMETOWNS: Los Angeles, California.

SOUNDS LIKE: The obvious comparison is the Black Eyed Peas, who took a similar approach to blending pop and hip-hop influences. However, My Crazy Girlfriend take a more lighthearted and colorful approach. There are also shades of No Doubt, LMFAO and Gym Class Heroes in their music. And maybe even a splash of ’90s electronic act like Aqua and Eiffel 65.

THE BRITNEY SPEARS CONNECTION: Myah Marie’s glorious voice is occasionally mistaken for Britney’s. That probably has something to do with the fact that she provided background vocals for “Circus” as well as seven songs on Femme Fatale. She also co-wrote “Body Ache” from the pop diva’s new album Britney Jean.

THEIR NAME: “I think every guy has had a crazy girlfriend,” explains Bennett. “If you aren’t one, you know one,” adds Cosmo. It was also the title of one of the first songs they wrote together.

THE STORY BEHIND “GO FUCK YOURSELF”: “We love humor and we’re very sarcastic and we wanted to bring that to the song,” says Myah. It’s recounts the all-too-familiar tale of a guy or girl not returning calls and blaming their phone dying. Myah’s advice in this situation? Tell them to “go fuck yourself!”

MORE ABOUT THEIR EP: The band’s debut EP will be called Crazy Stupid Love and should drop mid-February. “You can expect massive choruses, a lot of fun and great songs” according to Bennett.

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