Win A Copy Of Avril Lavigne’s Self-Titled New Album!

Nov 28th, 2013 // 38 Comments
Here's To Winning Avril's Album!
Interview With Avril
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This Thanksgiving, it’s Avril’s world, and we’re just writing about it. After winning our Pop Star Poll earlier this month on who should take over the site this holiday, we now bring you all that is Lavigne.

All day long, we’ve been giving thanks above to our one true Sk8r Boi-lovin’ princess sent from above (Canada, specifically): Avril Lavigne — from our Pop Report Card to our round-up of Avril’s lesser known deep cuts to our in-depth analysis of her impressive ability to able to make Chad Kroeger more palatable.

Now, it’s time to give thanks to her most recent Rock N’ Roll offering: Avril Lavigne, the punk-pop superstar’s fifth studio album. (Have you read our review yet?) Want to win a copy of Avril Lavigne to make your summer all the more bitchin’? Got a special Bad Girl in your life that deserves a fresh copy of this killer record? Well, we wanna give you what you like.


1.) “Like” us on Facebook (if you haven’t already.)
2.) Leave a comment below telling us YOUR favorite song from Avril Lavigne and why.

One winner will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday, December 5.

Good luck!

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  1. My favorite track is 17. It reminds me of my teenage days and the beat is so infectious!!!

  2. Sippin’ On Sunshine, for sure. Impossible not to be happy and bob your head when listening. Hopefully is a Spring single.

  3. Saroj Gourkanti

    Here’s To Never Growing Up is definitely the best. It makes me feel like an angry teenager in the best way possible.

  4. I like Here’s To Never Growing Up, but the most favorite is Let Me Go! Because the singer shows her powerful and honest vowel in a heartbreaking love song played with her husband.

  5. Alexander

    My favorite song from the record is Hush Hush. It’s so smooth and touching… And Avril’s voice sounds amazing in this kind of ballads, besides I think anyone can relate to that wonderful lyrics at some point in their lives.

  6. It’s Hello Heartache because it’s makes me a great feelings!
    And Here’s to never growing up because i won’t grow up :)

  7. Cause its Nice to Be A Bad Girl Sometimes:)

  8. Here’s To Never Growing Up
    It’s hands down my “closing the club” anthem. It takes me back to summer, to those magical moments with my friends having a blast whenever we listen to it. I can’t even believe that the song itself brings us, young college friends, even closer!

  9. My favorite track is Give You What You Like, because it doesn’t sound like anything Avril has done before, or let alone what anyone has done before. It’s dark, infectious, and addictive. I got it stuck in my families head in a matter of hours. The best part is it’s impossible for anyone to hate it, because it is undeniably AMAZING. Also, it seems like Avril is exploring more adult mature themes and that’s what a lot of people have been wanting to hear.

  10. Spencer

    I love “Hello Kitty” because hello kitty. Come on. And dubstep.

  11. Hello Heartache because the genre is so different from the rest of the album and showcases her talent.

  12. Martin

    My favorite song is Give You What You Like, because this song is very soft and emotional. That track not like an Avril song, but fantastic. Much to say about the text, and it is very true. I love this song.

  13. My favorite song from her new album is “Here’s To Never Growing Up”. To me the song speaks to young people because during High School we are always saying how we want to grow up and move out of our parents house. We rush to much and want to grow up to fast. The song means to mean is that you should have fun while you can, be your self and don’t listen to what other people say.

  14. Daniel Dyer

    My favorite song from “Avril Lavigne” would definitely have to be “You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet.” Not only does it have a beautiful beat but also a beautiful message. I’m a sucker for fun love songs, so this just hits the mark; she simply says that- with Love- there’s just so much to offer, so you better hold on tight!

  15. My favorite song is “Falling Fast”, I love all the up-beat summer anthems this CD has, but “Falling Fast” is a great contrast. The whispery voice Avril uses in this is new for her and the song has a nice meaning about falling in love. This is easily one of this years’ bests.

  16. a me piace hush hush la amo…. anke se so ke come al solito nn vincerò un c……….

  17. My favourite song from “Avril Lavigne” is “Give You What You Like” because it’s a different song, it’s not her usual style but it is amazing. I love her voice, the sound and the lyrics of this song. It’s definitely the best with Hush Hush on her new record

  18. Favorite song will always be “My Happy Ending,” reminds me of jamming out in in my bedroom after middle school. That song is the perfect anthem for teenage angst. Glad to see my girl Avril is back!

  19. Damn i commented that huge Sentence and its not posted here.

  20. My favorite is definitely Rock N Roll because it really pumps me up and it is just a really fantastic pop song. The weird video didn’t hurt either.

  21. All i couldn’t choose only one track but Let me go is stuck in my mind like anything. People hate that track but i think the duet is perfect. The album is really a combo of every thing wether it comes to rap or ballads .

  22. I really believe Let me go relates me and my life and relates every individual . The song is so strong.i love its music at starting it is slow and soft and at end its at high. I love the notes.

  23. Few Critics say that the Both voices don’t blend means c’mon songs are always in contrast and this might be the first time i have listened to Chad Kroeger . I am not fan of him neither i have heard a single song of nickelback but still i love Let Me Go.

  24. And I listen to the song wherever i go whatever i do like gym , walk, washroom(haha) , and my love for this song is growing more intense . And the tracks like Hello heartache, hello kitty and hush hush are incredible(note : all the track titles starts from H and all three are awesome. Is this a co incident?)

  25. jamison

    my favorite song from Avril’s latest has to be Hello Kitty. I’m ready to admit it’s not as good as the first four songs on the album but damnit i can’t stop saying “hello kitty ur so pretty!”

  26. And i listen to Let me go anytime anywhere like gym,walking even in school. ( i also love tracks like Hello Kitty, Hello Heartache and Hush hush, note: all this starts from H and are incredible. Do u think its a co incident?)

  27. Michael

    My favorite is Falling Fast, I just love it..

  28. I rather fancy the song COMPLICATED from the Let Go album of 2002! Lyrics that evoke deep empathy and a really catchy tune!

  29. Andrean

    My favourite from the album is ”Hello Heartache” beacuse it is so touching and it makes me happy when I’m sad and it is the correct song to put when your’e sad :)x

  30. It’s soooo hard to choose one. Avril is my true musical inspiration and there are so many songs I can relate to. I’m gonna say ‘Things I’ll Never Say’ from ‘Let Go’ because it’s so true to me and I can really relate.
    But like I said, I could list so many others ;)

  31. shiloh

    My favorite song!! My world from her first album. i have always related to her music since i got her first album on my 9th birthday in July. i have never stopped following her music career since then and now my brother knows every word to her original CDs :-D i love all her music and i could not be more excited for her newest album

  32. Brandon Hobbs

    ow I would Have To Say Falling Fast Off The New Album Cuz I dedicate That Song To Him Its Are Song

  33. So hard to pick just one but Hello Heartache is definitely my favorite!
    The song itself makes me think of an experience I had with my best friend and each word rings true for me. It’s nice having a song that makes me just want to sing along and say Hello to my Heartache here and again. It’s a good song with a good beat.

  34. Hello Heartache also lends that sense of power, like all of Avril’s songs.

  35. tammy Laura

    I have always enjoyed Avril’s music and it always makes me smile, makes me feel, and makes me dance! I hope she never stops making music, because then my playlist will be empty!! Avril has a strong voice that makes you stop and listen. I have many favorites fromAvril including “Hot”, “Smile”, “When You’re Gone”, “Here’s To Never Growin Up”, and “Let me Go”. I love them all!!!

  36. BAD GIRL!!!
    It just makes me go rock n’ roll …me & my friends rock it out EVERYWHERE! haha , luv this song Marilyn Manson is per-fect for it , avril har great taste…bravo! :D

  37. BAD GIRL!!!

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