Danity Kane Spill The Beans: New Music, D. Woods & Why They’re Going To Stick Together

Dec 3rd, 2013 // 6 Comments
The Second Coming Of DK!

The second coming of Danity Kane is almost upon us. Pop’s favorite foursome — sorry, D! — will perform together for the first time in way too many years at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles later this month and are busily working on new music.

DK’s leading ladies kindly dropped by the Idolator studio to chat about their much-anticipated comeback and spilled the beans on everything from the band’s lost member to their protocol for unblocking fans on Twitter (you better have receipts, boo!) and unwavering appreciation for each other’s solo projects. Find out all you need to know about Danity Kane 2.0 up top.

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  1. booboo

    not interested if d woods is not apart of the group. good luck though

  2. tracy

    yes, you are correct. i want the whole dk package. no woods, means no no no no.

  3. DK

    Your both insane. She was Karaoke at best. They are better off without D. Bushes.

  4. Yolanda

    D. Woods is pursuing her own stuff and that’s her right and prerogative, so I don’t think she even needs to be part of the DK conversation anymore. Destiny’s Child went through the same growing pains, several times over, of adding and subtracting members and they went on to be one of the most successful girls groups ever. So, from my point of you, shakeups and breakups lead to growth and I’m excited for new DK material!!

  5. Jade

    Dwoods sound doesn’t even fit in the group. The very song that’s playing during the interview, go back and listen to it. Separate everyone’s vocal and then listen. Everyone sounds like they need to be in the group but DWoods. She can say all that she wants about doing her own thing but no one has heard nothing and I stay in Atl. If she doing something put out something, don’t just talk about it be about it. The group with these 4 will be awesome because vocals are awesome separate and together.

  6. bryant

    they gave her the opportunity to cme back she wanted to focus on her solo career which is fine dnt take it out on dk lets get the ball rolling on this comeback

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