Britney Spears Talks Dating & Her New Album On ‘Ellen’: Watch

Music Therapy
Britney Spears‘ eighth album Britney Jean hits stores today, and the star has been doing a little bit of promo — just a little bit, certainly no performances or anything so brazen as that — but a quick little interview on Ellen? Sure! That’s not unreasonable.

So indeed, Spears stopped by Ellen today to talk about some deeply important things, like her songwriting process (it’s therapeutic!) and how her kids aren’t allowed to say “bitch,” even though it was in the title of her most recent single. Good, good.

Fortunately, if there’s anyone who can coax closed-off circa-2013 Nervous Handsney out of her shell, it’s Ellen, and indeed, the comedienne ekes a laugh or two out of Terseney by asking her a few questions about her romance with beau David Lucado, and it’s sort of a pleasure to see her act human.

Watch her talk about her new album up top, then see her discuss her boyfriend below.

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  • mike

    That was a cute exchange between them.

  • Greg

    The only thing professional about this, or even cute for that matter, is how Ellen pushes the spending the night joke until the inner southern sweetheart that is Britney comes screeching out, for just a moment recapturing the spark that made her America’s sweetheart to begin with. Sadly, there are very few of those moments here.

    For God sake Britney, it’s ELLEN. Why are you so f**king nervous that you can’t even smile naturally and relax with ELLEN????

    The only bit of information from this interview that’s slightly relevant at all is Britney admitting she loves her time off from the spotlight. Her personality has become so lifeless on these interviews and its reflected in her work, now more than ever. The only place Brit really looks HAPPY and natural is her picks with David and her boys.

    I think it’s time to take a LONG hiatus until the same passion she has for her family and friends, can be seen in her work again.

  • Tommy Cichon

    Sounds frail and frightened just like all her interviews in the last few years.

  • Tommy Cichon

    When she said “Ellen NOOO” I thought she was gonna tear her hair off and reveal she was still bald and start screaming for some reason.