‘Britney Jean’ On Track For 115,000+ First Week Sales Tally, Unlikely To Debut At Number One

Britney Jean might be Britney Spears most personal album but it unlikely to be her best-selling one. The opus is predicted to miss the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200 next week — making it her first LP to debut lower than number one since Blackout, which reached number two in 2007.

According to sales predictions, 115,000 – 120,000 copies of Britney Jean will be snapped up by fans this week. Not bad considering the lack of promotion and underperforming singles but still not enough to stop Garth Brooks leaping from number three to number one with Blame It All On My Roots — a two CD/six DVD box set available only at Walmart. (He is predicted to sell 150,000 copies).

What do you make of this result? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Billboard].

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  • danny

    Team Britney seems to jump the gun. The album came out of no where, Work Bitch was worth 6 million (!!!) no live promotion, Vegas news was actually kind of surprising to me. Now this.

  • marc

    That’s what happens when you’re too lazy to do press. It’s not that hard. Lock yourself in a posh suite, and have each outlet book a room and you walk from room to room doing interviews for the world’s press. GET TO WORK PEOPLE.

  • mj sanchez

    i’m not liking this

  • drew

    Not surprised. The album was garbage. It could have come out in 2011 and would still have sounded dated.

    They need to seriously update the “Britney Spears” vocal hardware, too.

  • Brad Coslett-Elenes

    Britney Jean is #1 in 61 countries including US!! The album broke a record of going to #1 in 19 minutes after being released, making it the fastest ever to do so, with 0 promo!

    1. 19 Minutes #1 Britney Jean
    2. 24 Minutes #1 Red
    3. 38 Minutes #1 ARTPOP
    4. 43 Minutes #1 Speak Now
    5. 56 Minutes #1 The Marshall LP
    6. 59 Minutes #1 MDNA
    7. 61 Minutes #1 Prism
    8. 79 Minutes #1 Bangerz
    9. 101 Minutes #1 Midnight Memories
    10.108 Minutes #1 The 20/20 Experience

    • ML

      That’s just for itunes. The album will not debut at number 1 in most of those countries since it had very limited time in the top position on itunes alone and didn’t sell much elsewhere period. Don’t confuse an itunes #1 with actual total sales charting.

  • oukfif

    with no promo britney spears still the best