Tamar Braxton Sizzles In Emotional “All The Way Home” Video: Watch

Home Sweet Home
Tamar Braxton‘s emotional “All The Way Home” video is a family affair. For starters, real life husband Vince Herbert plays the R&B diva’s lover and I imagine her mansion is every bit as glamorous and tastefully decorated as the one featured in the clip.

There isn’t much of a narrative to speak of. Scenes of Tamar looking flawless are intercut with footage of a red Rolls Royce on the freeway. It’s a simple but effective visual that excels at conveying regret and longing — making it a perfect fit for the Sevyn Streeter-penned gem. Watch up top.

Is this Tamar’s best video yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • tooshort

    TAMAR-Please stop allowing them to have you get anywhere near the Toni Braxton style of singing. It does not look good on you. I was very disapointed in your recent song, it looked as if you were trying to copy Toni’s vocal style. It was lame for someone LIKE YOU who has her own beauty and talent. Fire the stylist and the creative director and get another one. Someone that believes in you and is not just giving you sub par work to keep you quiet. You deserve better.



  • marc

    Well this is her best one since the first video. I thinks she should consider this “her apology” to the fans for the hot sugar video disaster.

  • Pat

    Toni is her sister of course she is going to have some resemblance, it in her DNA. So she don’t have to try and copy.It possible that some of her sound just happen to be similar to Toni.



    • yolanda

      tamar braxton is a good singer

  • Katie N.

    Love it Tamar!! Keep up the great work. You know who you are and I’m sure the powers to be around you and you know what worked and didn’t work and make the necessary changes. That’s all part of living, learning and adjusting.
    Mama Nash

  • Tami

    Love the song and the video…the entire album is HOTTT. For the haters saying she is trying to sound like Toni…most siblings will have the similar vocals. (Common sense)…for example Michael Jackson and Janet sound alike as well as the other Jacksons for that matter. Tamar keep doing your thing. You are on fire right now so keep riding the wave.

  • Dom

    I love it tamar best video

  • Armani

    Beautiful video. Simple and elegant. Loved that your real husband was in bed with you as it should be. True to life, loved it!

  • Lashonda LovingLife Smith


  • stanhope

    The song is TREMENDOUS. The video isn’t up to the song. I know Vince is your husband, but he isn’t believable in this context. Hire a model. Also the exaggerated gestures cheapen the lyrics. I understand you got it like that but Toni would have downplayed all of that in favor of the song. That said, I love the song…reissue the video.

  • Linda Bullet

    Tamar is so fake how can anyone not see it. I like her and Vince, but the rubbing all over herself and all the sexual connotations are so tired. Tamar just sing and sing good and cut the bull!


    Tamar this video is beatiful and I was very glad to see Vince and you do a video together. SHE DID THAT AND DID IT WELL!

  • anon

    Love the song. I wonder if the ring was her push gift, and why all the nude bodysuits? You don”t have to be naked to sell records….go to Playboy with all of that.

  • Texas Girl

    Vocals are out of sight. I’ve watched the Values, as well as the spinoff, and I’m glad I stuck around to see what Vince was talking about. Now. Baby girl, keep your clothes on and just keep rocking amazing songs and I along with a lot of others will support you and take you seriously as an artist.

  • Ladeja

    hey u can sing so good i wish i can sing like that but can sing but not like that good job for u girl……..

  • Cookie

    Tamar, I heard the song one time and had to see the video. I’m a big fan of your sister Toni, but I felt this song all over. I can’t say that about any of Toni’s songs. I like that you had Vince in the video.