Peter Thomas & Betty Who Deliver Dance-Pop Greatness On “All Of You”: Listen

This year’s breakout pop act Betty Who‘s exceptional debut EP The Movement featured production from up-and-coming Los Angeles-based tunesmith Peter Thomas — and now, Thomas steps into the spotlight as the credited artist on his debut solo single, featuring Betty as his featured vocalist and muse. (Who could be better?)

The fruits of their labor together take shape in the form of “All Of You,” a deliriously euphoric dance-pop gem that rushes and crashes gloriously. Betty’s epic roar, “Oh, wind me up tight, convertible nights with you / Oh, I’ll give you romance, a hundred last chances too” is nothing short of chill-inducing, as a big Daft Punk-style synth breakdown cascades in triumphantly. Like all of their songs together, it’s anthemic and happy-sad (that wistful instrumentation at the bridge!), like Robyn at her most wonderfully pained. 

The song’s dancefloor-ready polish could work just as well on radio as it would in the club; given the proliferation of house producers tackling the Top 40 (see Zedd and Avicii) in the last year, there’s no reason to think this song couldn’t pull a “Clarity” or “Wake Me Up” and take over the charts. “All Of You” provides proof perfect that Thomas is every bit as talented and ready for the bigtime as those cats — and his work with Betty is a winning combination.

Listen below.

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