Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Video: An Unfinished Snippet Surfaces Online

She Can Do Whatever She Wants!
The great Beyhydration of 2013 is finally over! Well, sort of. A preview of Beyonce‘s “Grown Woman” video surfaced online today (December 7) and, despite the low quality and brevity, it delivers everything we’ve come to expect from Mrs. Carter — killer choreography, fierce costumes and masterful wig-whipping.

There’s so much to love about this clip. Beyonce looks incredible with long brown hair, the African influences perfectly reflect the music and it lifts synchronized twerking to an art form. Hell, there’s even a cameo from Bey’s mama Tina Knowles and a scene with three adorable babies.

It’s all very exciting but what does it mean? Was the cute clip scrapped when “Grown Woman” was shelved? Or does the video indicate an eventual release date for the song? Perhaps it’s just an unused projection from The Mrs. Carter Show or bonus footage for a DVD? The only person who knows for sure is Beyonce and we know she’s not telling. Watch up top.

Are you excited to see the finished product assuming there is one? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Frank Ahalpara

    A PERFECT video…. may be she will release this video… if she has decided not to… then she should change her mind…. she should forget what ppl think about the song…. n just release it… cause we behives gonna love it anyway…. its perfect… her costumes = perfect… african culture = WOW… her moves = killer… VIDEO = something new with little of her signature style…. but still overall its NEW… PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT… thats all!! :) LOVE HER

  • Dwayne Lisette

    Oh myy God, it is awesome , soo creative … im literally screaming :O

  • Nonie

    Luv new taste Bey babe ;)