Rebecca Black Drops “Friday” Sequel Called, Yes, “Saturday”: Watch

Dec 8th, 2013 // 5 Comments
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Rebecca Black, of that 2011 viral hit “Friday,” has released a new song-turned-sequel called “Saturday.” In its video she eats a bowl of cereal and sits in the backseat of a convertible, as she sings of doing in “Friday,” but she also moves right along to hang out at the boardwalk, light up sparklers at a beach and crash a crowded house party littered with red Solo cups.

At that party she smacks the butt of a partygoer, rides a stuffed Stegosaurus and laughs at a girl dressed as Miley Cyrus in “Wrecking Ball,” twerking. “Trying to get Friday out of my head,” she sings. “It’s all so hazy, got a little too crazy / You know I’d do it all again.”

Just a few weeks ago, Black said nearly the exact same thing. She was filming herself as she revisited “Friday” for the first time since it dropped. She groaned when she noticed a zit on her cheek. She clarified that no, someone didn’t smack her butt as she was walking by. She notes that she still has the same alarm clock featured at the start, but aside from that, “Friday” had changed her life. (Obviously.)

Watch “Saturday” up top, then see Black re-watch “Friday” after the jump.


  1. jack

    That’s amazing.. I’m so waiting for Sunday!

  2. jack

    That’s amazing.. I’m so waiting for Sunday!..

  3. This is brilliant. She is brilliant. And it’s actually a decent song. Good for her!

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