Avicii’s “Hey Brother” Video Will Tug On Your Heartstrings: Watch

Family Ties
Avicii‘s heartstring-pulling “Hey Brother” video could be the Swedish DJ’s most audacious clip yet. Unlike his blockbuster “Wake Me Up” and “You Make Me” visuals, this effort has a strong narrative — showing the impact of war on a pair of siblings.

The clip shows the boys growing up with nostalgic scenes of camping, barbecues and sleepovers before the idyllic picture is shattered by the older brother being sent to war. Their family tragedy packs an emotional punch and it’s great to see Avicii make an unexpected last minute cameo. Watch up top.

Is this Avicii’s best video yet? You be the judge in the comments below.

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  • Wanda Kay Hunt

    Love this video.

  • shannie

    Yes but I read the boy was imagining his father as the older brother he never had…at the end he he said dad why do u have to go?

  • yashi

    This song video got tears in my eyes

  • Grifter Curling

    This is one of my favorite music videos ever! This was so intelligently made – the nice innocence of America pre-Vietnam, the right time to show the very sad funeral, the fact we need to figure out it was the dad, and it’s some kind of PTSD thing by his son. So heartbreaking, and so well edited. Just Wow.

  • The Village Idiot

    I’ve watched this video multiple times and sorry but I don’t get the same “tugging at my heart strings” as you do Mr. Waas. From the first time I saw it I could not be help the whole thing looked cheesy and cheaply made and it starts from the very beginning in the opening scene. In the opening scene we see the hands with a pair of white gloves and the sleeves of a Marine Corps Dressed Blue uniform opening up a dirty old tool box. Once the box is open we’re allowed to see inside and what do we see? On top is a picture from WWII of a German soldier sitting in the side car of a motor cycle and underneath that, several more pictures. Under those, we see some dog tags and an American flag neatly properly folded in the honored triangle fashion. OK,… now that I’m confused, lets look at some more.

    The next scene opens up with the same picture of the same WWII German Solider attached to the front left fork of a bicycle being peddled by a young boy. OK,… what is up with that? Really. Kids do some strange stuff (I know because I was one once and did all kinds of strange stuff) but why do this? It serves no purpose. I have two older brothers and I recall that one time they had taken some old playing card and attached them to their front forks with a clothes pin, bent them around in such a way they made a loud rat-tat-tat sound to simulate an exhaust sound like on a motor cycle supposedly, but they just never taped or glued an old photo to their fork.

    Then, once the kid pulls into the house, we eventually get glimpses of the other photos,… all of them from WWII. What makes it all stranger still is that the kids has pulled in to a trailer park that gives you the impression that this all took place in like the 70′s. Later on, we get the impression that the older brother went of to war (and I get the impression we’re supposed to think Vietnam and get killed). From there we get one cheaply made scene after another and all the scenes and characters are supposed to make sense but they all seem realistically flawed. For instance, the Marine Corps Honor Guard. We never see more than three of them in total. A minimum you would need for an Honor Guard is seven. Six to carry the casket and a bugler to play taps; then, you need all seven in unison firing three volley’s from their rifles for the 21 gun salute.

    I grew up in the 70′s. When I was nine my oldest bother was drafted went off to Vietnam where he spent three years of his life serving our country. As he was flying to Vietnam, a had a cousin returning from Vietnam, dead. He was killed by a land mine when trying to take the infamous Hamburger Hill. It was one of the most stressful eras our family struggled through.

    As someone who is very familiar with military funerals, their rituals and protocols, I find this video just piss poorly done through out from beginning to end and totally incongruant from start to finish.

    Sorry for seeming so critical, but it’s a good song with a video that totally got under my skin.