‘The Voice’: Watch Tessanne Chin Sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Flawlessly

Dec 10th, 2013 // 17 Comments
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One minute they’re Blind-Auditioning voiceover actors and sitcom stars’ sisters, and the next they’re on to the semi-finals. They grow up so fast on The Voice! Though Cee Lo stands sans contestants, proud parents…er…coaches Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton are going to any length to win. Help their contestants win? Nah. They’re basically at the point where Season 6 should be called The Coach.

The final five — Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury James Wolpert, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin — kick off the show with American Authors‘ “Best Day Of My Life.” The camera catches the unimpressed face of Christina Aguilera that basically sums up the solidly mediocre performance, but the contestants have plenty of time to turn that frown into a semi-satisfied pout before the show is over.

Team Blake: Cole Vosbury

Blake brings in the big guns for his final contestant Cole Vosbury: Cee Lo and Garth Brooks. Cee Lo is on hand to pledge allegiance to his former contestant, and Cole sings the Garth Brooks’ rendition of “Shameless” (written by Billy Joel) to reign in the country votes. Cole brings in elements of both Joel and Brooks, and he performs from the piano with a bit more rock grit than country twang. As usual, Cole delivers a performance that has the judges raving.

“Incredible job,” says Blake. “I think you just now figured out who you are.”

“Another great job, Cole,” says Cee Lo. “Every song that’s been picked for you to perform, you perform it like it’s your own.”

Team Christina: Jacquie Lee

And then there was one for Christina Aguilera. After weeks of holding on to both Matthew Schuler and Jacquie Lee, Team Christina has all of her eggs in one basket going into the semi-finals: mini-X, Jacquie Lee, who sings Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel,” because she is Christina’s “little angel.” The whole mentor/mentee love fest is a bit much, but Jacquie does sound angelic (the halo lighting doesn’t hurt). An octave change brings the performance to powerhouse gospel levels by the end.

“You did things I didn’t even know you were going to do tonight,” Christina says. “You blew me away.” But like, don’t ever do anything without running it by me again, girl.

“That was amazing,” says Cee Lo. “That was probably the most perfect and wonderful.”

Team Adam: James Wolpert

After being saved by America last week, James Wolpert is back, fully recovered from his ill-timed illness. Searching for a big rebound moment, he sings U2‘s “With Or Without You.” There’s nothing terribly exciting about James’s take on the song, but he makes no mistakes and earns a huge applause from the audience.

Adam, who manages to make a lady sweater sexy, says, “James, that was even beyond what I thought you could do.”

“I suggested that for a coach performance,” says Christina, who is clearly still miffed that no one took her suggestion. “It would have been fun.”

“Being the save last week, you needed a moment like that,” says Blake. “You might have dug yourself out of the hole.”

Team Adam: Will Champlin

Will Champlin has certainly come a long way, from his saves in the Battle and Knockout Rounds to being a top contender in the Top 5. From his reduced tempo beginning through the high energy finish of fun.‘s “Carry On,” Will makes the song his own, adding soaring ad libs and ending with a smile. It’s the perfect song at the perfect time for the once-underdog, with just the right combo of rock edge and emotional connection.

“I know if Will is smiling, he definitely did well because he’s so hard on himself.” says Adam.

“It is really cool to see you getting all swaggy up there,” says Cee Lo. “Swaggy good.”

“We all enjoyed that because we saw that you were, for once,” says Blake.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin

After giving each of her teammates sincere compliments at a totally non-staged team breakfast at Adam’s house, Tessanne Chin closes out the night with Simon and Garfunkel‘s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The emotionally-driven performance is both a highlight of the night, and of Tessanne’s tenure on The Voice.

“I’ve never been speechless on the show before,” says Adam. “Regardless of popular opinion, I think that that’s probably the most flawless and graceful performance I’ve heard on the show.”

“It’s hard as an opposing team member to argue with anything that Adam just said,” says Blake, adding, “I’m such a big fan of yours.”

Two more head home on Tuesday night before next week’s finals. With three team mates left, Adam Levine is the only coach with a guaranteed team member in the finals, and could potentially (though not likely) be the only coach with all three contestants in the finals for the first time in Voice history.

Speaking of moments sure to go down in history, Christina Aguilera will perform Tuesday for the zillionth(ish) time this season, and Season 4 champ Danielle Bradbery makes her first return to The Voice stage since her Season 4 victory. Season 3 champ Cassadee Pope will also stop by to perform, along with Season 3 runners-up Michelle Chamuel and the Swon Brothers!

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  1. Logan Sweeney

    I am very confused about your praise of Tesanne Chin’s performance of BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER…..I thought it was an awful performance….Google in CLAY AIKIN-BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER and you will see what an awesome and “flawless” performance of this song is all about…Nobody sings this song better than Clay Aikin……I just do not get the praise of Tesanne Chin…..THE VOICE is interesting because of its charismatic coaches….But who remembers the names of the contestants….THE VOICE does not have an ALEX and SIERRA who are phenomenal talents and will be around in the business of a very long time…

    • Destinty Wall

      You talk like some that’s just jealous or just can’t hear nobody sings a song just alike. She was awesome Tesanne has a beautiful voice and you should give her the praise she so rightly deserve. Stop talking like someone with a problem.

    • Donald

      Tessanne Chin nails it beautifully; like only she can! The song was not tailored to Tessanne’s voice; it was Tessanne’s voice that tailored the song! No cover version, amateur or famous singer remotely compares! This has to be the best rendition of Simon and Garfunkel‘s “Bridge Over Troubled Water. NO on stage dramatics , NO on stage choir back up , just raw unedited graceful talent..
      Congratulation you topped the night over, I have to say, the best group of singers the Voice has ever had!

    • Chris C.

      Comparing Tessanne Chin’s performance to Clay Aikin is like comparing a Ferrari to a Chevy pickup. Tessanne’s performance was absolutely flawless last night. The key, dynamics, power, sustain & control were perfect. Jacqui Lee’s performance was likewise extremely good last night. Tonight, both will easily be saved and likely Cole (Megabeard) and James will be going home…

    • Cathouse Teri

      I see no reason to compare Tessanne’s performance to Clay’s. But I agree with what Donald said, “The song was not tailored to Tessanne’s voice; it was Tessanne’s voice that tailored the song! … NO on stage dramatics , NO on stage choir back up , just raw unedited graceful talent.” Extremely good points. I can only add that she so filled the song with her own emotion that the entire room clearly felt every bit of it.

    • coakleysd

      Hey Logan..dude..I took your advice and youtubed Clays version. Your opinion is delusional on so many levels dude. Sorry but even a novice at singing would think about having you admitted. But..you’re entitled to who you like. All the best. Jeezus!! Whew!! Clay…ha!

    • iHateHater

      this person is either deaf or a super hater

  2. mel

    u haters who cant sing dont know talents. she dont need to sound like clay akins you jackass thats what you call making the song your own and leave an impression for fools like you to talk.

  3. Hmm

    Who are Alex and Sierra?


    Logan, the most honest thing you said in your post is that you are very confused. Everything you said after that was entirely nonsensical. It is obvious that you are incapable or unwilling (or both) of recognizing with your ears the incredibly gifted singer that Tessanne Chin is. Clay’s take on the same song was great, no doubt about that. However, his vocals were augmented by the great choir that was backing him up. Also, where is Clay now? That’s what I thought. Tessane sang the song solo and it was effortless, flawless and amazing, period. Someone else described you as jealous. I would say you’re more of a hater. So stop drinking that “haterade”. Alex and Sierra? Please! They are decent, but I assure you that their careers will be short lived. Their act will grow old soon enough. My advice to you: listen with your ears and do not offer a bias opinion that is not based on facts AND STOP DRINKING THAT HATERADE!!

  5. RtA1913

    Michelle and The Swon Brothers were contestants of season 4 too just like Danielle

  6. Melesia

    WELL SAID Get Real

  7. jada

    and danielle already sang on the show this year

    who writes these things???

  8. Michelle

    Tessanne was extremely good she left tears in my eyes. she is ust good give the girl the credit she deserves

  9. LoLo

    Her rendition was beautiful, period! What those people who didn’t like it, that is your problem. Enough folks liked AND bought it from ITunes which made the song #1. What really impressed me, along with her voice, was the fact that she had just learned of the death of a friend and yet she went out there and sang that song with such emotion you could see the tears hovering in her eyes and feel her emotion. Then she comes back the following week and does a beautiful tribute to Whitney Houston by singing “I Have Nothing” which also went to #1 on ITunes. There are not many singers who can do a Whitney song so well. Tessanne is blessed with a special gift and personality which just draws people. She is tops!

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