Kanye Wests Compares Risks Of Yeezus Live Show To Combat, Police Work

Kanye West stopped by Saturday Night Online recently for yet another interview (can anyone explain why’s he still doing these?). The star had several Peak Kanye moments. For instance, he explained being a creative genius as a “plague,” that it’s painful to have “all these ideas” and not being able to get them all out. He also said, “I’m great like Michelangelo. I’m great like Disney,” and called his rants “visionary streams of consciousness,” which is beautiful. But comparisons to Renaissance artists and entertainment titans, that’s par at this point. Comparing himself to our servicemen and women, and police officers? That’s new territory for Ye.

Speaking about the risks of the extravagant Yeezus tour rig, he said, “I’m putting my life at risk…this is like being a police officer, or like war or something. You’re literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you.” Yes, unfortunately, Ye said this. And this isn’t out of context, he wasn’t joking around. And yes, we get it, going up on a fake mountain and turning up is a precarious endeavor. But we don’t have to spell out why the two occupations are incomparable.

Oh, and Kanye added: “I’ll explain to my daughter my one day that me and her mother had to fight for this position that we finally have.” You hear that, folks? Kim Kardashian, freedom fighter. Watch the full interview below.