Britney Spears’ ‘Britney Jean’ Debuts At #4 While Garth Brooks Tops Album Chart

You Better Work Harder, B*tch
When you scan the Billboard 200 album chart positions this week, you won’t find Britney SpearsBritney Jean at #1. That spot belongs to country mainstay Garth Brooks, whose collection Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades Of Influences sold 146,000 copies in its second week of release — enough to hop up from #3 to the top. The #2 and #3 positions seem to have eluded Britney as well, as they belong to previous chart-topper Midnight Memories by One Direction (117,000) and Kelly Clarkson‘s Wrapped In Red (112,000), respectively.

When all was said and done, Britney Jean sold 107,000 copies and thus comes in at #4, her lowest-charting album in the US to date. (Six of her previous seven albums debuted at #1, while 2007′s Blackout hit #2.)

The upside: At least the album didn’t fare as poorly here as it did overseas, where it debuted at #34 over the weekend on the UK album chart. The downside: Christina Aguilera‘s notorious 2010 flop Bionic entered the Billboard 200 at #3, and sold 3,000 more copies than Britney Jean did out of the gate. Are those bobbleheads we hear shrieking from somewhere in the distance?

The moral of the story: Even lip-syncing a performance for some TV promo probably would have helped out here. That, and hiring anyone else but to executive-produce.

The Top 10 Of The Billboard 200 Chart

1. Garth BrooksBlame It All On My Roots *1 week*
2. One DirectionMidnight Memories
3. Kelly ClarksonWrapped In Red
4. Britney Spears, Britney Jean *new*
5. The RobertsonsDuck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas
6. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 2
7. Pentatonix, PTXmas
8. Michael Buble, Christmas
9. Katy Perry, Prism
10. Mary J. Blige, A Mary Christmas

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  • blaackeagle

    Lazy US-Britney-fans. Shame on You!

    • Wilimina

      Do you mean Lazy or Lack of? lol

      • blaackeagle

        Ha, lazy means lazy. Your eyes don’t lie.
        Her team has no interest in album sales it’s because all the forces go toward the Vegas shows. So she works harder than ever. It’s Vegasney, B*tch!

        • mike

          And we’ll see how well she does at Vegas soon…

          • blaackeagle

            It’s not haters’ business! You’re not welcomed there to watch!

          • mike

            I’m pretty sure I am welcome to watch, as it does not stipulate you must be a super-fan to attend. Nor am I a hater. I like Britney. It’s just I’m realistic about her. I won’t be attending though because as of yet I am not convinced she will be back to her old form (even if she is still lipsyncing).

            I’m not sure why you keep insisting that what she does is “only for the fans”. Based on her album and singles performances, it seems that it is indeed only the fans who are caring about it so maybe you’re right. But it is a bit silly to say that your music isn’t for anyone but fans to enjoy.

          • blaackeagle

            I am so tired of such ‘realistic’ pessimist so-called fans (listeners, I don’t know). They annoy all the time – she can’t this, she can’t that, and so on, and so on, and so on…You don’t truly like her, I don’t believe you – because if you like her for even one percent you will attend – because it’s iconic Britney Spears and she’s gonna kill Vegas, please, don’t fire my brains )
            Secondly, I know all the truth about Britney – zero promo, lipsyncing, poor album sales, her look and dance skills of our days – it’s not You who reveal that to everyone. From your comments it’s easily seen that you DON’T like her.
            I didn’t say that everything she did was for fans – THIS album is dedicated to fans. So it’s silly from you to be no attentive while reading my comments. If you like, enjoy the music, nobody cares about it…

          • mike

            I would buy a ticket to Vegas and a ticket to her concert if I liked her just 1%? Are you serious here? That’s a very small percentage to have to spend all that money on someone who hasn’t given a good performance since 2004.

            When I say I like Britney I mean I don’t hate her. I think she’s fun and a great diva and often unintentionally funny. She’s Britney Spears. She’s a legend. But I don’t have to like everything she does. Even the artists I truly LOVE I don’t like everything they do just because I need to support them no matter what.

            Also, I never said that everything she does is for the fans. I said “what she does”, meaning currently what she is doing (album, Vegas, etc. as you yourself stipulated). I might not have been clear but I didn’t mean everything.

          • blaackeagle

            Yes, I’m serious.
            Ok. Finally I understand that you’re not a true music lover. There are no words here to be said again about you. It’s becoming ridiculous and the last sentences of your comment made me ….hm.
            Britney is Britney. Bye

  • EverydayHerodotus

    That is a solid point about the promo. She did almost nothing except make the “Work Bitch” video months ago. Even having the “Perfume” vid earlier would’ve helped. It’s interesting that they want people to fly to Vegas but she hasn’t performed on TV in years.