Rihanna Ties Michael Jackson’s Hot 100 Record, Thanks To Eminem’s “The Monster”

Well, Rihanna‘s really startin’ somethin’ now (ba-ziiiiiing!). Thanks to her feature on Eminem‘s second Marshall Mathers LP 2 single “The Monster,” which bumps Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” off the top of the Hot 100 this week, the Barbadian songbird has now tied Michael Jackson‘s string of 13 #1 singles in the US, according to Billboard. This puts MJ and RiRi behind only The Beatles (20) and Mariah Carey (18) as far as the most #1s, and it has them now just ahead of Madonna and The Supremes (both have 12).

Of course, it should be noted that 12 of Michael Jackson’s #1s were billed to the King Of Pop alone (only “Say Say Say” was a pair-up, with Paul MCartney). Three of Rihanna’s chart-topping singles are features: T.I.‘s “Live Your Life,” Eminem‘s “Love The Way You Lie” and, now, “The Monster.”

And if we want to get really technical, Michael Jackson also hit #1 as part of the USA For Africa lineup, with 1985′s “We Are The World,” a song he co-wrote and features on vocally. Likewise, four Jackson 5 singles featuring Michael on lead vocals peaked at #1 in the 1970s: “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There.”

As for Eminem, “The Monster” is his fifth #1, following “Lose Yourself,” “Crack A Bottle,” “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie.” He now ties Diddy and Ludacris as the rappers with the most chart-topping singles on the Hot 100.

What do you think of Rihanna tying Michael Jackson’s record streak of chart-topping singles? Legit or not? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

  • travelsoccerkid1

    And pretty soon her duet with Shakira will put her at #1!

    • bobmoo

      Perhaps that will be true in some people’s minds, but in mine you have to have a level playing field. If Rhianna’s tally can include songs where she was only the guest artist then Jackson’s tally should include the other songs he was featured on, and those where he was a member of the Jackson 5 / Jacksons. Let’s at least be fair.

  • Sad

    I’m usually happy to see people accomplish things, but it’s sad to see the people supporting and encouraging this mean, hateful person. “You deserve it” as if she actually created the songs herself. She’s not a good person, nor is she actually an “artist” so who in their right would admire that? People love to worship status, I suppose.

    • tamsa

      so you’re not a fan, you’re a hater

      • The word Hater is useless in 2014.

        No, it’s called being a REALIST. You idiots love the throw that word around, it’s useless at this point. When a person has a disgusting personality, it’s not “hating” by any means. You’re not a person, you’re a fame-worshiping child.

    • Ana

      I was trying to hit thumbs up and hit thumbs down. Anyway you’re right. Simply not fair at all.

  • Armin

    no MJ is the king he was writing his songs alone with no help from other singers and his songs from 80′s and 90′s can still compete with modern hits and he has a best selling album of all time and other songs from him are still played and awarded and to mention he is better than Elvis (300 milllion net worth) Michael Jackson (600 million net worth). Mj is the king and he will be king for many years (R.I.P.)

  • Rey

    I like Rihannas older music when she first started, now her music is crap BUT she still has some good songs like Diamonds but Rihanna does not make her own music most of her songs are sexual songs nothing creative Call me a hater but its the truth “i dont hate Rihanna” if thats the type of music she wants to make fine But to allow her to be known as an artist that tied with MJ is just stupid and a JOKE!!! And monster is a eminem song not a Rihanna song

    • tamsa

      well, she does sing sexual songs sometimes, but she doesn’t write them, and yes, this is an Eminem song

  • Elke

    Shameful say the least – doesn’t write songs, can’t sing to safe her live, what’s with the obsession??? A pretty face? Where is the Real Talent to even put her in the same category with the Greats oh man we have really fallen far far below standards

    • Gina Arauz

      Let’s not pretend her looks aren’t exaggerated …immensely.

      Standards for music have BEEN low for quite some time now and it’s only getting worse. They hand out Grammys like hotcakes these days.

  • bobmoo

    Why do people attempt to bend the rules to remove Jackson’s world records?
    It was the same when Katy Perry equalled another one of his records. She used the E.T remix (feat. Kanye) which wasn’t even on the album when it was released to equal Jackson’s record, but Jackson himself used only songs from the original BAD album release. Not exactly a level playing field.
    Then Calvin Harris apparently broke Jackson’s singles record from the BAD album, but Harris’ album was only a collection of singles. It wasn’t released as a coherent album – the album was released years after the first singles were released. It was really a compilation.
    Now we have Rhianna who includes 3 singles where she is just a featured artist, yet Jackson’s tally is only supposed to include his own solo material? That’s just hypocritical. If you are to say Rhianna has 12 #12 singles then you must also include Jackson’s singles with other artists. That obviously increases his tally some more.

  • ANonHater

    A couple of things … Congrats to her. She’s young. She’s successful. She’s growing & learning like most people. Secondly, she didn’t create the rules. All she can do is accept her success and whether you like her or not, there’s no denying that she has millions who find her quite entertaining. Finally, if we’re going by songwriting abilities, that will knock out over half the population of singers. Let’s be honest, there are many people w/ songwriting credits who put only put a handful of words down on paper. Much success to her instead of tearing her down. I love seeing young people do well in life.

    • @ANonTHNKER

      So being successful based off of the work of other people, an abusive relationship and the ability to get naked in public ERASES the fact that she’s mean and rude to people for no reason. You “love to see” that?

  • MJfan

    Probably worth mentioning that Rihanna’s 12 songs include 3 where she was only a featured artist. If you included Jackson’s songs as a featured artist you would have to include ‘We Are The World’, taking his tally to 14 songs. If you also included his #1 songs with the Jackson 5 he would have at least 18 – way above Rihanna. Why the double standards? Either reduce Rihanna’s tally to 10 or increase MJ’s to 18 so that they’re both on a level playing field.

    In any case, Jackson wrote and composed most of his songs and was an architect of his own success. Rihanna just has a nice voice. No contest between the two IMO.

    • LOL

      “a nice voice?” Where is she hiding it?