Beyonce Announces ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour 2014 And A New Perfume

Beyonce takes trolling to previously unimagined heights by announcing 2014 tour dates and the launch of a new fragrance — without the slightest mention of when she’s going to drop the single (AKA the holy grail of popular music). Given that The Mrs. Carter Show now runs until at least the end of March next year, don’t expect to hear it any time soon.

The 17-time Grammy winner will perform an additional 16 shows in Europe, a stunning achievement when you consider she’s touring an album released in 2011. But wait there’s more! As well as breaking attendance records, Bey intends to conquer perfume counters in 2014 with Rise. See the golden packaging and new concert dates after the jump.

February 20 — Glasgow, UK
February 23 — Birmingham, UK
February 25 — Manchester, UK
February 28 — London, UK
March 1 — London, UK
March 2 — London, UK
March 4 — London, UK
March 8 — Dublin, Ireland
March 9 — Dublin, Ireland
March 11 — Dublin, Ireland
March 15 — Cologne, Germany
March 18 — Amsterdam, Holland
March 20 — Antwerp, Belgium
March 24 — Barcelona, Spain
March 26 — Lisbon, Portugal
March 27 — Lisbon, Portugal

  • drew

    Maybe instead of singing she will just fill the auditoriums with her perfume.

    I think that within the next couple months, another producer (let’s say The-Dream this time around) will be like “Bey’s working really hard and it’s gonna be SO HOT” and then she’ll open up a school or announce a restaurant or something.

  • Angel

    I love how literally two days after this article went up she dropped her album.

  • Shayna Carter

    I love beyonce and for all the people looking from the out side in like myself, we don’t know her like she knows her self. but if it was worth any thing Mrs. Carter is doing the damn thing and the people who are back lashing on her just hate her for being so successful at the end of it all beyonce make your money girl and be happy f*** everyone who is not on your side cause in the end you make more in a day then they make in their life time. Keep giving them something to talk about cause if they’re not talking about you then your a nobody girl I am proud of you. When I was 16 years of age I always liked listening to your music, from no no no to becoming mrs. Carter I admirred you for doing something that you love the most you showed me how to become a woman. love you Beyonce Carter keep your head up and show these haters how it feel the have real success!!