‘Beyonce’ Sold Over 550,00 Copies In Three Days, Set To Debut At #1

Dec 16th, 2013 // 23 Comments
Beyonce Reviewed
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Despite its lack of advanced promotion, physical copies and a full sales week, Beyonce‘s self-titled fifth album is set to have one of the biggest opening weeks of any album this year. Beyonce was released at midnight on the morning of Friday, December 13, and by Sunday night, when the charts closed, it had moved over 550,000 digital copies. This gives Bey the biggest debut by a female this year (imagine the numbers if she’d dropped the album on a Tuesday and had a full sales week!).

Billboard reports the album sold 430,000 on Friday and an additional 120,000 the following day, and it’s projected to easily take the top spot on the charts this week. This will be Bey’s fifth consecutive No. 1 debut, with each of her prior solo albums opening at the top, and the largest debut of her career.

In other words, bow down.

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  1. This is quite amazing!

  2. danny

    It’s amazing because there was no hype. Just put the music out!

  3. The main reason she’s got that number is no leaking of her music.
    The other reasons are consequences of the first like everybody wanted to hear it – they HAD to buy the music. Personally I didn’t listen to it and I’m gonna download it for free from some known sources (sorry, B).
    There’s ONE album from each diva I like to listen to at full – here they are:
    Britney’s “Blackout”
    Xtina’s “Stripped”
    Gaga’s “Born This Way”
    And….I prefer “I Am…Sasha Fierce” by Beyonce.
    They all are cohesive pieces of art.
    Probably, it won’t change for a long time, or it will remain forever the same.

  4. Josh

    It really puts Britney’s lack of promotion for “Britney Jean” and career-low sales into perspective, huh? Sure her album leaked one/two weeks early but if Beyonce can get get those sales without any promo or single at all and Britney can’t, that says a lot about Britney’s presence in the music industry. I love Britney but perhaps her team should rethink just about everything that they’re doing. Putting her in Vegas for two years just doesn’t sound like the answer….though time will tell.

    • If Britney did the same, she’d get closer numbers to hers – leaking, gossip, hype, little promo, first single – all those mentioned affect the sales. Beyonce did the best strategy of selling more copies.
      Shows in Vegas is the right thing at the right time for Britney.

      • I think the reason why this is doing so well is because people trust Beyonce as an artist. With no announcement whatsoever she just released an album. And people flocked to buy it because they know it’s going to be of quality. With Britney I don’t think many people trust her as an artist.

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