Beyonce Sells 617,000 Copies In Three Days, Breaking iTunes Sales Record

Dec 16th, 2013 // 7 Comments

Don’t be surprised if this is only the first of several records broken by Beyonce‘s self-titled opus, released last week: The diva’s surprise fifth album, released sans announcement or promotion late Thursday night, has broken the U.S. iTunes Store’s record for the highest sales for an album — even though she only had three days to do it.

Billboard reports that the album sold 617,000 copies on iTunes (who had the exclusive download) from midnight EST on Friday morning, December 13 through the end of the sales week on Sunday, December 15. The previous one-week sales record on iTunes was set by Taylor Swift‘s Red, which sold 465,000 copies in the week ending on October 28, 2012. (But, again, she had a full week; Bey only had three days.) 

Beyonce is also the second-largest digital sales week across all retailers; the best digital week across the board was set by Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way, which shifted 662,000 downloads, including a controversial Amazon promotion that priced the album at $0.99. It’s also given Bey the best sales week of 2013 by a woman and the best sales week of her career.

Billboard expects the album will debut at #1, giving Bey her fifth consecutive #1 album. No big.

In conclusion: Beyonce.

[via Billboard]

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  1. Nate

    Isn’t it 800,000+ as of now?

  2. In conclusion: Jay-Z’s WIFE, B.
    Each diva wants to break Britney’s first week record. Go, ladies. Any new tricky suggestions? lol

    • Are you suggesting that she only sold well because she is Jay-Z’s wife? That is ridiculous. She is Beyonce. You don’t need to act THAT bitter.

      And if Beyonce wanted to break Britney’s first week record wouldn’t she do everything she could to do that? Like, for example, releasing on a Tuesday to get the other 3 days of sales that she lost by releasing it on Friday? Not to mention she just did break one of Britney’s records with her fifth #1 debuting album.

      • HAHAHAHA!! She didn’t break Britney’s record – maybe consecutive 5th – BUT – Britney has got 6 number 1 albums!
        And don’t be so jealous – you Beyonce defender. If she released it on Tuesday I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t break it (like Taylor Swift tried with her last album). It’s not so important here anyway.
        And remember BRITNEY IS BRITNEY.
        Beyonce is (Destiny’s Child’s former member, the daughter of her parents, wife of Jay-z) and then…Beyonce.
        I truly like her. I adore Sasha Fierce. Her best.
        I may be bitter! And it’s my opinion!
        5 from 5 Idolator gave it – not beacuse that record is worth that number, it’s beacause they were shocked and impressed, like the emotions that don’t give you a real look at the situation.

        • Well it’s a fact that she broke Britney’s record for every album since your debut going to #1. Barbra Streisand has the record for most #1 albums total (9) for a female and the Beatles have it for anyone (19).

          I’m honestly not jealous at all about Britney’s records. That record for most albums sold was in 1999 when most albums sold MASSIVELY, not 14 years later.

          I’m not sure why you say she isn’t Beyonce first. She was IN Destiny’s Child first but now nobody thinks about them before Beyonce.

  3. Lies for business and hype

    How lame are you believing the hype. iTunes is so interested in making believe that selling exclusive with them is a wild run so they make business alienating their competitor. It’s all business and lies. iTunes for sure is making believe their’s is the biggest venue to sell and you can almost ignore other venues. So what are the real numbers? we’ll never know. It’s called hype

    • You don’t think that in 2013, age of internet, that more people buy from iTunes? Why do you think that physical music selling stores are going out of business?

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