Best Music 2013: Idolator Contributors Pick Their Favorite Albums

Tegan And Sara, Heartthrob

Tegan and Sara Heartthrob Album Artwork
There are so many reasons to love Heartthrob: 1) It arrived in dreary January; 2) It’s the perfect album length of ten songs, without one filler track; 3) There’s an infectious ’80s pop joy sweeping over it, without ever being pastiche or retro; 4) They cover all the bases — first crush (“Closer”), sexual desire (“Drive Me Wild”) and the post traumatic stress of failed love (the pounding “Shock to Your System,”); 5) In the age of teen sleaze, “I’m Not Your Hero” is an anthem for smart kids: “I’m not their hero, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t brave.” Now, if they’d just pull a Rihanna and do it all over again next year. — STEPHEN SEARS (@xolondon)

Haim, Days Are Gone

haim days are gone cover
Days Are Gone is my favorite album this year because it deftly transports the listener back to a time when pop-rock was just free flowing and without frills, especially with songs like “The Wire” and “Forever.” Sure the album leans a little toward the ’80s, and the girls themselves dress a bit ’90s. But those are two decades we all love (even though we may deny it). — EMILY TAN (@cessemi)

Natalia Kills, Trouble

The attitude and angst burning through Natalia Kills’ sophomore effort doesn’t toy around with any kind of restraint, but make no mistake: this is not a pity party. Trouble is completely infectious pop whose draw only gets stronger after repeated plays. There were bigger names with pop albums out this year, but this dark-haired debutante is truly the belle of her own damn ball, and that’s something you’ve really got to love…and respect. — MIKE WOOD (@mikewoodwriter)

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