Whatcha Say: Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera Got Our Readers Talking

‘Twas another busy week here at Idolator! It was all about Yoncé all week long on Idolator — from her record-breaking Billboard success, to her project second week reign, to our most recent Ibrawlator. (Have you voted on your favorite Beyoncé album yet?) Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera teamed up for what was surely the most iconic duet of our time on The Voice, while Brit Brit served up some scones to an unsuspecting stan.

Our look back at 2013 continued this week with our Top 10 lists from our contributors, our readers’ Top 10 (that’s you!), our analysis of The End of EDM in ’13, as well as the Top 10 worst album covers of the year. And, looking forward, we spoke to Jhene Aiko and Carmen Electra about their music.

As always, you guys had plenty to say about this week’s pop happenings. Check it out below!

:: Mike remained deeply unimpressed with Miley on Most Fascinating Person Miley Cyrus Talks Scandal-Baiting With Barbara Walters: Watch: “She may not have said it directly but it’s implied that without nudity her performances would be considered boring. Thus, nudity. Every celebrity gets negative comments regardless of what they do. But not every celebrity needs to do all that to be interesting. And yes, she got our attention as she says she was trying to do. But then what did she do with it? Not much. There is a difference between controversy for controversy’s sake and doing things that happen to be controversial.”

:: While Chris remained deeply over EDM on 2013 In Review: The Beginning Of The End Of Pop’s EDM Era: “I despise EDM. Rave music had this certain mystique before it went mainstream, like when it was mostly underground artists. I liked it that way and I used to listen to a lot of interesting arrangements. But it does not work as pop music, it’s beyond annoying. One of the worst fads to ever overcome music. I think the worst offense was when R&B artists turned to EDM, that was the breaking point. Awful. Now, I’m noticing that websites are either Pro-Bangerz or Strongly Against. I disagree with your opinion. It’s certainly not a mess. It’s quite diverse and the most interesting record of the year.”

:: And JimRester was just happy to have his House back: “I am so happy EDM is going back into the clubs and undergound for the real dance music lovers! Lets get back to calling it HOUSE music. This music wont fully ever go away though. It is future music. Always has been, as long as computers are around!! Long live the beats! Great article BTW.”

:: S R went gaga for the Gaga-Xtina powerhouse performance on The Voice finale on ‘The Voice’ Finale: Lady Gaga And Christina Aguilera Perform Together, Tessanne Chin Wins Season 5: “Truly amazing. This duo is truly the work of the queens of pops joining forces to take on the insurmountable Bey. Resistance may be futile, but I’ll enjoy it over and over. There was only one better duo this year – Gaga with RuPaul on the Muppet special, #fashion. Why didn’t that get move love from Idolator??”

:: As did blaackeagle: “OMG! Gaga and Xtina killed the stage – amazing duet! Both talanted, yes, they seem like sisters, incredible alike vocals! Though Gaga is more fierce Xtina still has that competitive diva soul. Definitely they SHOULD DUET again! And the song – to my opinion – second best by Gaga after Bad Romance! Impressed! The best tv-performance of this year!”

:: And thanks for the love, Kimdell! “This was a good, balanced and succinct recap, especially for me who couldn’t watch it (since I don’t live in the US). Thanks Idolator!”

:: drew remained unbothered by Target’s shade on Target Refuses To Sell Beyonce’s New Album: “It’s a dumb move for Target. Beyonce’s physical album will still sell copies. But in reality, people shouldn’t be so upset. Queen Bey is already slaying the world. She claimed 2013 at the last possible second. Even me, who’s been trash talking her all year for not releasing anything. Now here we are with a super cohesive, artful album that is sure to sell even more… Bey doesn’t need Target. But I’m still going there for the fitted Merona shirts.”

:: Elijah also found Target’s move to be a poor one: “Considering how many exclusive deluxe editions they’re happy to sell – including Beyoncé’s 4 – Target’s really going to act like a spoiled child this time? They may not like that she proved this weekend that she doesn’t need them for massive first week sales, but my guess is they’re screwing themselves for any exclusives with her in the future. And if other artists choose to go the same route, Target’s either going to have to lose future sales or bend to this new method.”

:: And Michelle waxed nostalgic (and came back to the future!) on Ibrawlator: Which Beyoncé Album Is Your Favorite?: “I went on a Beyonce binge a few weeks back trying to figure out which album of hers was my favourite. I landed on ‘Dangerously In Love’ because she seemed so free back then and had no pressure to be so polished or perfect. It felt like the real Beyonce then and as her albums progressed she kind of got lost. Now I have to say this new self-titled album is my favourite. It has all the freedom of ‘Dangerously In Love’ with all the experience and reality of ’4.’ It’s a total game changer for Bey and firmly cements her as our Queen!!!”

:: And finally, xoxo took one look at the Idolator Readers Best of ’13 poll and made a recommendation on Best Music 2013: Idolator Readers Choose The 10 Best Albums Of The Year: “You might want to redo this. One word: Beyonce.”

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