Nicki Minaj Teams Up With Cameron Diaz In ‘The Other Woman’ Trailer: Watch

Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? It must be. After conquering rap, reinventing herself as a pop superstar, and releasing literally forty perfumes at once (rough estimation), Nicki Minaj is tackling her next major domain as a music mogul: She’s appearing in a supporting role in the upcoming Cameron Diaz vehicle The Other Woman, also starring Leslie Mann and Kate Upton as a crew of women all getting revenge on the same two-timing guy. 

Given Minaj’s performing-arts roots — she studied music and theater in high school — a film career makes perfect sense, and she’s deft enough with assuming personas in her music to assume that it would translate on screen. She may not make that much of an impression in the trailer — it’s more about being a foil to Diaz’s character — but I’m trusting that it won’t be quite as much of a bomb as other pop-star-to-actress transitions.

Watch up top.

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