Amazon Takes On Beyonce, Refuses To Sell ‘Beyonce’ Physical Copies

Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Target, with both retailers now refusing to sell physical copies of Beyonce‘s self-titled album. What’s even more nonsensical is that the online retailer is selling digital copies of the album, and is allowing third-party sellers to offer the physical version of it. According to Billboard, though, Beyonce is not featured on the site and is only “is visible if shoppers search for it and will see that the album is there.”

This seems like such a petty, tone-deaf business move. So many people are going to be buying this thing, and they’re turning them away. Beyonce was released exclusively through iTunes until the December 20 physical date to prevent leaks, not as some sort of competitive thing. Target itself often works out exclusive release deals with artists!

Despite the move by the two retailers, Sony and Columbia still reportedly shipped some 500,000 units.

And we know Yonce can be ruthless, so she went and gave their competitor, Wal-Mart, some free promo over the weekend.

Resistance is futile, guys.