Miley Cyrus’ ‘Adore You’ Video: Watch & See Her Response To The Leak

miley cyrus adore you 1
Miley Cyrus 'adores' writhing half-naked
Happy holidays everyone! If you were expecting a formal release of Miley Cyrus‘ latest video for her Bangerz slow jam “Adore You” to arrive in the quiet, smoldering aftermath of yesterday’s holiday shenanigans, rather than right in the middle of it, you are now allowed to be disappointed. Some callow opportunist decided to leak the “Adore You” video 24 hours before it’s expected release date (today at 7:00am), receiving a swift Twitter response from Ms. Cyrus, who lamented the fact that “Adore” wouldn’t allow her “smilers” the proper chance to break YouTube viewing records or something.

The official version of the video is available for viewing above, and consists mostly of Cyrus writhing and pouting between white satin sheets and taking a really emotional shower in a black fishnet top. All is right with the world.

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  • Jon D’France Pierre Clemmons

    This guy thought her new video was boring.

  • musicsoul

    Yep, Miley did it again. She has made me dislike another one of two songs (Wrecking Ball) that I actually liked from the album by releasing another immature video for a potentially mature song.

    She has NOT grown. The song writers for these songs should’ve just given it to someone else who (X-tina, Beyonce, etc) who may interpret the songs more eloquently.

    Rihanna’s Stay video is much better than this crap!

  • andyyy8

    Miley Cyrus is controlled by obsessed fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Her shocking new image was the idea of Jacobs. He is a control-freak puppet master. He is responsible for all the overtly sexualized pop performances lately. Read the truth at:

  • mike

    Miley, you don’t need to be so arrogant. There are other ways to scold the leakers and/or make yourself look good than arrogantly proclaiming that you would have broke a record if not for the leak. We could also say if not for your antics you wouldn’t even be near the record books, but it is what it is.

  • Greg

    Honestly, I only have one word for Miley Cyrus…. Just one that comes to mind when I hear her name …….


    This girl has the talent to be a staple in this decade of music, and of all the things to be remembered for she’ll have number1, deep throating a sledge-hammer to visualize the emotions of a song about having your heartbroken, and now number 2, flicking her bean in bed and in the tub to visualize the lyrical emotion of a poem that speaks on finding your perfect, designed perfectly by God?

    Yeeeea (shakes head) …… gross.

    • Greg

      *** “perfect match, designed by God”