Justin Bieber To His Beloved Beliebers: “I’m Officially Retiring”

Last week, Justin Bieber revealed on Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio show that he was contemplating retirement after the release of his album Journals on December 23rd. And while members of his team quietly walked back the potentially career altering comments in the following days, Bieber has now taken to his Twitter account to announce, again, that he is leaving music behind.

Sort of. He followed that tweet with another tweet that pretty much contradicted his retirement claim, citing the media scrutiny he has to deal with on a daily basis and stating that being a Belieber is a “lifestyle.”

So…the cynic in me says this is just a PR tactic to get Bieber’s name bouncing around the Internet a little more prevalently in the wake of the Journals release, but I think we can all agree the 19-year-old Ontario native needs some sort of break from the limelight.

Bieber’s cool older-brother type manager Scooter Braun hasn’t responded to the newest swirl of Bieber retirement talk. Regardless, Beliebers all over the world are probably in the heaving throes of grief right now, tearily hitting the repeat button on their recently purchased iTunes copy of Journals, quietly wondering why their golden idol has forsaken them so. Que sera, sera, Beliebers, whatever will be, will be.

[Via Today]