Britney Spears’ ‘Piece Of Me’ Show Opens In Las Vegas: Watch

Dec 28th, 2013 // 10 Comments
Work, Work, Work
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Last week, fans watched Britney Spears rehearse for her Las Vegas residency, Piece of Me, via her E! special I Am Britney Jean. “I think that you could still get lower here,” her choreographer said, as he dipped forward, “and lower here.” He rotated his hips steadily, as his knees bent closer to the ground. When Spears kicked off Piece of Me on Friday, December 27, she moved swiftly but still could have pushed herself as her choreographer instructed.

Of course, the Planet Hollywood crowd — including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and Sia — had a lot more to take in.

Backed by a troupe of oft-masked dancers, Spears strolled through “rain,” “snow,” actual fire and a rotating tree. She was an acrobat, a Circus ringleader, a caged freak and a winged angel and she wore a sleek, dark wig for a whirlwind mash-up of “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! … I Did It Again.” From far away, the Piece of Me sights appear to be dazzling. Front-row YouTube footage, however, show that Spears could stand to get lower here, push there and give just a little more throughout, particularly with so much of her time dedicated toward her choreography.

Fortunately, with this being the first of 100 shows lined up, Spears still has plenty of time to work on her energy. Or, as she’s been instructing as of late: “Work, work, work.” Watch Godney open Piece of Me with “Work Bitch” up top, then check out other highlights from her opening night below.

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  1. After watching these I have some questions. Firstly, what happened to the proclamation that she would sing live (and that she always sings live, or did they mean with the microphone off?). Secondly, can we even expect her to improve? I understand that this is the opening night so it can only get better, but someone who is truly dedicated to her craft would not just let the biggest night of the show not be as good as it can be, relying on improvement over time. It’s great to see her dancing a lot more. I give her a lot of credit for stepping it up in that regard. However, as the choreography is both overly simple and not very well executed, I can’t really say she did a great job. The easiest way to see this is by watching her backup dancers. Although the moves are simple, they hit them fully to the beat and have a fluidity between moves that she is lacking. I understand that these are professional dancers but if we are to compliment her for dancing, she is going to have to deserve it.

  2. The only thing i can back up this writer on is the non-live singing. Britney looks hotter than ever and every performance seems to be accompanied by a energetic dance routine. I have yet to watch the more vocal performances such as Lucky, Everytime, or Perfume which i’m sure Britney will step up the vocals more. I already bought by tickets for Aug 16 and i’m very excited! As stated, improvements will be made and hopefully a few “BJ” songs will be added to the setlist but thank GOD she does “Break the ice” now!

  3. She is lip-syncing, she doesn’t dance at full, her body is not in a perfect shape but I can cry out – I’m forever Britney-fan – at good times, at bad times!
    Great job, Britney! I just dream to be at one of your Vegas shows!
    Love YOU!

  4. Greg

    I agree with @blaackeagle …. I’ll definitely end up going, I mean it’s probably her last tour for a very long while (thank God). I just feel this show is the final nail in the coffin that is her career. There’s been nothing but lies used to promote it. Talk of live singing, hard dancing…. nope. She’s not singing a thing live…. and her dancing consists of jumping up and down and twirling like a drunken ballerina. There’s very few spots where you see a decent chunk of choreo.

    Don’t get me wrong… I get it. She’s 33 now right? I can’t do grueling choreography…. So I don’t expect to see her move like 18 year old britney anymore….. It’s just sad that 18 year old britney is all we can hold on to, because 33 year old britney doesn’t have anything unique in the vocal talent category to continue her career.

    Britney Spears will be a relic of the 2000′s …

    • There are lots of people in their 30s and over who can still do gruelling choreography though like P!nk, Beyonce, J.Lo, Janet Jackson, etc. I don’t think age should be an excuse, but lifestyle and how much you actually want to succeed.

      • Relax. They all CAN in their 30s.
        The point is that no one from your list has done dancing with such a huge passion and energy at the age of 18 like Britney. NO ONE. And never will. Those are such iconic moments in pop music that the rest is almost forgettable. She’s made a history!

        • All the women I’ve mentioned had danced with the same energy/passion as Britney did at 18. Especially Janet Jackson who is miles above Britney as a dancer. To claim that they have not is admitting you are not familiar with any of their work. Britney does not stand out as a terrific dancer. She once may have been but she is not alone in that regard. To say she already made her history is true though, but we’re not discussing the past here. We’re discussing her Vegas act.

  5. meghan

    she shows shes still got it in me against the music , work bitch and break the ice
    if only she would do the original choreo for slave and circus and it would much better..

  6. iloveharrystyles

    i dont understand the hate? as far as i can see its s very fun show,.. its all the enjoyment… u dont need to see complex choreography to enjoy a show. and she dance well not on par as before but definitely shecan still hold her own with the like of jennifer lopez.. u see katy perry and rihanna prance onstage and sing offkey yet no one gives flak about it,,, i think this is because britney really set a really high bar for herself.

    • Have you seen a recent dance performance of J.Lo though? She is still an incredibly skilled dancer in her 40s. She is very unlike Britney in that regard.

      Katy and Rihanna don’t get as much flack as Britney because though they can be off key, they are still singing live and not attempting to do something (choreography) if they know that isn’t their strong point.

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