Beyonce Gets Real About Her Sexuality In ‘Self-Titled’ Doc Clip: Watch

If there was anything that even approached the excitement and surprise of Beyonce‘s late night drop of her self-titled fifth studio album, it was that she was going to accompany Beyonce with 17 — count em’, 17! — videos for 14 songs that would encompass what she called “The Visual Album.” In addition to that, Bey’s also been slowly releasing a multi-part documentary series called Self-Titled which takes viewers behind the scenes of the Beyonce recording experience and the production of her 17 music videos. So, basically, everything Beyonce is doing at any moment is being lit, shot, edited, scored and eventually stuffed into a constantly growing documentary that’s about as candid and natural as a table read for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Trust me, they do table reads.)

But the fourth segment of Self-Titled, which is titled (so many titles) “Liberation,” has Beyonce going into intimate detail about the creation and inspiration of the song “Partition” and its accompanying video. Apparently, Bey took Jay Z to the famous strip club Crazy Horse the night he proposed to her. Which was also his birthday. Got that? And then she thought the strippers were so hot that she wanted to be up there dancing like that for Jay, which is basically the premise of the racy “Partition” visual.

Bey also goes on to talk about how she got her body and her sexuality back after gaining 60 pounds during pregnancy, and ties many of those ideas back into why she chose to center the video on a very arty striptease. I think. Just watch the video above, people.

[via Vibe]

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