Shakira And Rihanna’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You” Gets A (Disappointing) Cover

Shakira‘s much-anticipated duet with Rihanna was officially confirmed this morning (January 6) on Twitter after months of speculation and an amusing anecdote from Pitbull. (It turns out Mr. Worldwide wanted RiRi to sing on “Timber” but she had to pass due to a previous engagement with a certain Colombian superstar).

The “Can’t Remember To Forget You” promo continues with the unveiling of the cover. Unfortunately, it’s a bit dull. When you have two of the sexiest women on the planet collaborating, why use a black-and-white photo of furniture as the artwork? Perhaps this is just a promo pic to tide us over until January 13 when the single hits iTunes. Fingers crossed.

Do you love or hate the cover? Have your say in the comments below.

  • Me

    That’s not the cover! That’s obviously just the promotional image. Why else would it have the date on there?

  • Ronald

    The cover is most probably a promotional cover because it includes its release date. But really, I love the cover. When you have two of the most sexiest singers in the industry, it’s more favorable to not make viewers get distracted by their appearances when listening to the song. So, having a cover with none of them in is fine for me.