Miley Cyrus Drops An Acoustic Version Of “Adore You”: Listen

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to keep us guessing. One minute she’s exposing her nipples in random photo shoots, the next she’s reminding everyone that she can sing — really, really well — by releasing brilliant singles like “Adore You”, which is steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100.

The country-tinged ballad stands out on Bangerz as the most organic and emotional track, so it makes sense for the “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker to pare things right back with a gorgeous acoustic version — putting the emphasis on the swoon-worthy lyrics and her warm twang. Listen after the jump.

Do you like the acoustic version of “Adore You”? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Bridget

    Thank you Miley your ARTiculation is what this nation needs! I’m beyond INspired and will always be loyal to who I’ve seen you constantly be

  • Bridget Constance Thelen

    There are no coincidences as to why I’ve always loved and continue to see Miley; She is an ARTist. Her complete visual and spiritual message is channeled through the image that women/ the world needs to break away from what so many are suffering from. No soul should suffer because of how their spirit dances and behaves. Miley’s whole being is dedicated to change. See her, hear her; listen and open both eyes. I promise you if you can allow yourself to do just that, the movement will grow right before your eyes

  • Bec

    That voice

  • Micah Sun

    Miley is here to stay! I know that some people have a problem with that but there are millions who don’t. I for one am glad that she gets to be herself. Maybe this is the start of a movement. Best wishes for her tour.

  • Ryan

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when will it be available on ITunes?!!!

  • alana


  • Meredith

    This song is exactly where I am in my life….and the person I’m with! I have always loved watching her grow as an entertainer!!!