Jay Z Brings 12-Year-Old Fan On Stage To Perform “Clique”: Watch

At his Greensboro, North Carolina show on Sunday (January 5), Jay Z invited a 12-year-old fan on stage to perform a chunk of “Clique” in what was pretty much the coolest move in the history of dad-rap. Apparently the pre-teen (Justin, I believe) was holding a sign reading “Can I Rap For You?” and Hov wanted to see what he got.

Justin performed a clean, a cappella version of the Cruel Summer cut, and at one point Jay hilariously stops him in the middle, telling him, “Not the drug dealing part. Go back to the numbers.” To be honest, the kid was fire, but the best part came after his performance. The crowd roared as Jay hugged him, and we can hear Hov in the mic saying as he smiles, “Yes, you can. Just because of the nerve.” Jay then informs the crowd, “After all of that, he said, ‘Can I meet you backstage?'”

Watch it up top.

[via NME]

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