Busta Rhymes Teams Up With Azealia Banks For Unofficial Remix Of Beyonce’s “Partition”: Listen

Jan 9th, 2014 // 6 Comments

Busta Rhymes finally followed through on his promise (threat?) to remix Beyonce‘s semi-pornographic album highlight “Partition” this afternoon (January 9). The involvement of Twitter beef enthusiast Azealia Banks was a surprise, however, and the unofficial overhaul somehow ended up on her SoundCloud.

“Partition” is such a sexy song — with such quotable lyrics — that it’s kind of hard to ruin. Busta begins the remix by expressing his admiration for Beyonce before rapping about receiving a backseat blow job. Fair enough. That’s where Azealia steps in to deliver an unusually demure verse. Take a listen to the sexy romp after the jump.

Do you like the remix? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Will

    It’s trash.

  2. drew

    BORING AS HELL. Phoned in verses, boring for both Busta and Azealia, and they didn’t even use the best parts of the beat.

    It is so non-cohesive it actually does mess up an otherwise amazing song.

    I haven’t heard Azealia starting beef with anyone lately, thus I am now thinking that talking smack is what gives Azealia her rapping energy.

  3. It feels like you’re just pausing the amazing original while still listening to the beat. Not as good as the original by any means.

  4. 702tomycity

    Horrible. Never heard Azealia until now. Leave Bey’s song to Bey, please.

  5. this is beast man azealia made this fire

  6. MiaPatrone!

    YES PLease dont hate on Azealia…if you never heard her work dont say she’s trash or yada yada, even Beyonce makes wack songs. Nobody is perfect.

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