Nicki Minaj Posts Snippet Of New Song: Listen

Jan 10th, 2014 // 2 Comments

Nicki Minaj worked her Barbz up into a frenzy in the wee hours today (January 10) by posting a snippet of a new song, then quickly clarifying that it won’t appear on her forthcoming album. Early this morning she posted the apparent B-side via Instagram video from the studio, and followed it with a tweet saying, “That one’s not on the kid album tho,” which crushed the dreams of all her fans. Then, in true “Boss Ass Bitch” fashion, Minaj cruelly, hilariously began retweeting the messages of these anguished followers.

As for the new material, it finds Nicki casually declaring, “It’s me, yo, the CEO,” over a slightly chilled out beat. Head below to hear it and see her tweet. 



  1. Adam

    She’s actually rapping in spanish later in the end:
    “Es mío, the CEO (?), dame beso, yo necesito”

  2. drew

    Nice product placement, Nicki!

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