Ke$ha’s Backstage Tour Rider Offers A Sad Insight Into Her Eating Disorder

Jan 10th, 2014 // 2 Comments

Ke$ha should be on top of the world right now. After the disappointing performance of her excellent sophomore set Warrior, the glitter princess reclaimed her status as a chart force this week by topping the Billboard Hot 100 with Pitbull collaboration “Timber”.

Instead of celebrating her third chart-topper, K$ is undergoing treatment at an eating disorder facility to combat bulimia. This is where it gets really messy. Her mother Pebe Sebert blames producer Dr. Luke for the situation but her credibility has been tarnished by the one-woman war she has been waging on the hitmaker for months. (He vehemently denies the claims).

What is undeniable is the talented diva’s noticeable weight loss from the party girl-next-door in “Tik Tok” to the sinewy siren in “Timber”. These changes are reflected in her alleged backstage tour rider, which offers a sad insight into her eating habits. It appears Ke$ha was living off hard liquor and vegetables.

To be specific, Lady Dolla’s dressing room was catered with vegetarian hand rolls (without mayonnaise), a tray of raw vegetables and a tray of steamed vegetables. She also requested a bottle of tequila, two bottles of cabernet and a bottle of vodka (preferably Grey Goose).

Wherever the blame for K$’s ill health lies, she deserves a lot of credit for admitting she had a problem and seeking help. Send your get well messages to pop’s intergalactic warrior in the comments below.

[Via Radar Online].


  1. JA

    LOL. Dr. Luke didn’t vehemently deny anything. His lawyers wrote up a statement that in no way denied anything Pebe said. Notice, they never once accuse her of lying because they can’t. Kesha herself told fans that Luke bullied her and called her fat and disgusting on a regular basis. Plus, the tour rider story came from tabloid sites. Even if that is her real tour rider, those would be just preconcert snacks, since she wouldn’t be able to eat much before going on stage. She can’t have been drinking before the shows because she’s obviously sober on stage. And there’s no way Kesha could have consumed such vast amounts of alcohol between finishing her shows and leaving the venue without passing out or ending up in the hospital. Either the rider is fake or the drinks were for everyone on her team to share. Her make up artist also just said that she doesn’t drink a lot outside of going out with friends and she has a strict policy against anyone drinking the day before a show. She also said months ago herself that she never drinks the night before a show. Please be careful to not post tabloid stories unless you have evidence to back them up.

  2. Ronald

    If those totalitarian record label producers and execs are trying to bring their million-dollar-making signees down, screw them.

    Get well soon, girl.

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