Whatcha Say: Miley, Beyonce and Fergie Got Our Readers Talking

The New Year has officially begun in pop land, and already, excitement is afoot: “Glamorous” diva Fergie revealed that she’s preparing to make her grand return to the scene (finally!), Britney won her first-ever People’s Choice Award and Miley unveiled an acoustic version of “Adore You” and a surprisingly clothed campaign for Marc Jacobs.

We ourselves kick-started the year with not one, but two new giveaways: One for a signed copy of Britney Jean for Britney’s Biggest Fan, and a pair of tickets to the Bangerz Tour to those willing to #twerkfortix. Make sure to check ’em out!

Our Most Anticipated Album of 2014 poll also ended this week, proving that the pop world simply cannot wait for another glitter drop from the divine Miss Kylie Minogue. As always, you guys had lots to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

:: Xtinico was so proud of Xtina’s selfless achievements on Christina Aguilera Helps Raise $37 Million For World Hunger: “She will never, ever make a statement about this, because she’s really humble when it comes to helping other people. I still don’t know why others call her a bitch. She’s such an inspiration.”

:: drew saw right through T-Pain‘s criticism of Kanye on T-Pain Thinks He Deserves More Credit For Influencing Kanye West: “D’awwwww, look who’s trying to be relevant again. Does he have a new album about to come out?”

:: blaackeagle was not here for Shakira and Rihanna’s single art for their upcoming duet on Shakira & Rihanna Cuddle On “Can’t Remember To Forget You” Single Artwork: “Boring! Weird wigs! Two crones!”

:: Greg REALLY got into the BRAVE-ROAR debate on Watch Sara Bareilles Perform “Brave” On ‘Ellen’: “You know, initially I didn’t get into all the “Roar sounds just like Brave!!” drama… Personally, I liked both songs for different reasons. But at this point…. and I mean no disrespect to Perry, but she doesn’t even deserve to be in the same league as Sara Bareilles. I know Katy is a pop-star, and that’s all fine and good. But when you take that little piano jingle out of ‘Brave’, as Sara did in this performance… the songs are nothing alike, and Sara’s is lightyears better. I’m glad to see the Recording Academy recognizing real musicians these days at the Grammys. Maybe people calling them the “Scammy’s” for the last few years finally sunk in. Sara Bareilles is a phenomenal and unique song-writer, and though ‘Brave’ isn’t my personal favorite thing she’s ever released, it is a simple and uplifting message for teens, and Sara delivers it with class.”

:: RtA1913 was fully stanning for the return of Fergie on Fergie Is (Finally) Working On A Follow Up To 2006 Solo Album ‘The Dutchess’: “Cool! I remember those days when Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani and Fergie were killing it! They were above anyone else! I just hope Fergie does better than Nelly’s and No Doubt’s latest releases (which are sooo underrated) and let’s all pray what will.i.am involved in the project doesn’t mean we’re getting something like Britney Jean.”

:: Ronald thought it was super cute that Katy and Stevie got together on Stevie Nicks Told BFF Katy Perry To Think Of Other Divas As Friends, Not Rivals: “How sweet it is that Stevie offered her some advices. Stevie, in my opinion, is the coolest rocker chick ever. Here’s hoping Katy can catch up with her.”

:: Bridget felt quite a spiritual connection to Miley’s “Adore You” onMiley Cyrus Drops An Acoustic Version Of “Adore You”: Listen: “There are no coincidences as to why I’ve always loved and continue to see Miley; She is an ARTist. Her complete visual and spiritual message is channeled through the image that women/ the world needs to break away from what so many are suffering from. No soul should suffer because of how their spirit dances and behaves. Miley’s whole being is dedicated to change. See her, hear her; listen and open both eyes. I promise you if you can allow yourself to do just that, the movement will grow right before your eyes.”

:: And Micah really liked it, too: “Miley is here to stay! I know that some people have a problem with that but there are millions who don’t. I for one am glad that she gets to be herself. Maybe this is the start of a movement. Best wishes for her tour.”

:: Will had a very immediate reaction to Azealia Banks’ remix of “Partition” on Busta Rhymes Teams Up With Azealia Banks For Unofficial Remix Of Beyonce’s “Partition”: Listen: “It’s trash.”

:: And drew wasn’t fond of it, either: “It is so non-cohesive it actually does mess up an otherwise amazing song. I haven’t heard Azealia starting beef with anyone lately, thus I am now thinking that talking smack is what gives Azealia her rapping energy.”

:: And finally, MO was touched by Mike’s love of Bey on Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy! The Toddler’s 10 Most Iconic Moments: “Didn’t realize how deep your King love went Wass. It, and you, are beautiful. Seriously, just beautiful.”

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