Shakira & Rihanna’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You”: Listen

The pop rock revolution just found two major supporters in Shakira and Rihanna on their new duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” The lead single off Shak’s forthcoming album has the two stars venting about a lost love as ska guitars and horns litter the chorus in that Police-via-Bruno Mars style. That’s followed by driving power chords and live drums during the towering, oooh oooh-laden chorus as they lament, “When you look at me, the only memory is us kissing in the moonlight.”

Hear the powerhouse duet below.

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  • mike

    I find it rather bland for what I expected from the likes of Shakira and Rihanna.

  • blaackeagle

    It could be muuuuch better than it is. Even worse than the cover art. No fire, no flames, no bitchiness, no hotness – girls lost their charm. Ordinary tropicana beach-cheap-bar melody.
    #1 single? Hell NO!

    • mike

      We agree for once :) haha feels good!

      • blaackeagle

        Feels good, man!) Ugh….it’s a pity we celebrate together not so good event)

  • drew

    It’s both everything I expected it to be, and also nothing what I expected to be.

    I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those “OMG The radio is playing THIS again?!”

  • Sebastian Red

    I LOVE IT. I honestly don’t see how people don’t like this. It’s melodic and catchy and flows perfectly.

    And the album cover looks sexy as hell. This is gonna slay. I can’t wait for the video.

    • Sean

      Im with you. I actually think it’s solid. And it’s well mixed. I’m not a huge fan but I think it’s done well.

  • Mike

    I cant wait for the video. Finally, a song that does not sound like the other ones in the radio. Great collaboration, and it certainly will stay playing.

  • dward

    Surprising I enjoyed Rihanna more than Sharika on this track! And that says a lot.

  • Cristina

    I really liked this! Personally for me I’m not all into the whole techno pop sounding music and I’m really glad Shakira went back to her pop/rock roots and added a whole islandy flair to the song. I love it!! It doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio right now and for that I’m grateful. This sounds like a classic Shakira song– I don’t know why people were expecting some crazy dance party song..

    • mike

      I wasn’t expecting nor wanting a crazy dance party song. Just a good song.

  • HC

    I expected a sexy banger. This song is so boring!

  • kmnfvjnkf

    People that want normal basic pop can go and hear Miely Cyrus, Beyonce or Kesha. This is reggae with rock, unless you have an expanded music taste you probably won’t get this.