Britney Spears & Sia Team Up On Acoustic Version Of “Perfume”: Listen

Britney Spears‘ “Perfume” was, at first, somewhat tepidly received, but it’s an undeniably pretty song and showcases some endearing vulnerability. After hearing all of Britney Jean, though, the lovelorn ballad only comes off stronger. And now an unplugged rendition has hit the Web, featuring both Britney and the song’s co-writer Sia on vocals, making another strong case for the song.

Brit’s voice is even more raw and striking with this take, particularly on the verses, and Sia turns in a powerful refrain and adds a few backing chants to bolster the emotional heft. It’s pretty great!

Hear the alternate version below.

[via Digital Spy]

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  • mike

    Much better than the original.

    • blaackeagle

      It’s the best of all the versions!

  • Alex

    Finally a version that truly expresses the real feeling of the song. Sia adds a little more drama to the song which fits perfectly with the melody. Beautiful.

  • These Have Always Brought Me Luck

    Gorgeous…the Sia parts especially. Love ya, Brit, but is there an all-Sia version available too?

  • aerogens

    If Britney’s team didn’t at least contemplate to release a version like this as the official single, they must be brain dead. This is far better than the original.

  • Shane

    Britney’s vocal is still very overproduced, not a completely honest effort. Sia is always amazing !!

  • Tim Haiko

    not really sure how you can say Britney’s vocals are “still very overproduced” have no idea where you are even coming from with that statement. the only thing i agree with your assessment is that Sia is amazing.

    • mike

      Isn’t it clear the vocals are overproduced?