Nicki Minaj Drops A Verse On Natalia Damini’s “Hot Fire”: Listen

Going through Nicki Minaj withdrawals? Well, here’s a little something to satiate your Boss Ass Bitch cravings until her next track drops. The prolific femcee makes a surprise appearance on Natalia Damini‘s new LP Beautiful. Who? The stunning brunette is popular pop diva in Brazil with a taste for American hip-hop.

The ladies join forces on a slinky jam called “Hot Fire”, which finds both vixens bragging about their inimitable sex appeal. Nicki kicks off the song with a quick intro before returning for an odd car salesroom-themed verse towards the end. It’s not brilliant but I’ve heard a lot worse. Check out Natalia’s tune after the jump.

Does Natalia have international appeal? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • What


    • Pedro

      IT’s Real

      • Lynda Walker


    • Lilly N. Duarte

      is not fake is a new song!!! IS REAL!!!!!!!!!

  • informed

    This is not a new verse by Nicki.
    This verse is from Sonny Rich’s 2010 “Supa Hot” ——>

    Do your research!

    • Anitta Taylor

      this song was never released! Do your research

    • Lilly N. Duarte

      2010?? hahaha is a new 2014!!!Do your research !!!!

  • Deege

    this just pissed me off

    • Anitta Taylor

      hater detected

  • Brashawn Washington
  • Anitta Taylor

    I love the song! You all don’t know nothing bout music business for saying some stuff like that! That song you guys are talking about was never released! She got the rights and she released it! And it’s AWESOME! Keep up the great work Natalia and never listen what the haters says!

    • Lilly N. Duarte

      I love the song too! Natalia Damini is stronger than all these comments that haters! the Song is a hit! Good job girl!

  • Bradon


  • David R. Paul

    Natalia Damini and Nicki Minaj together! WOW My 2 FAVORITE artists!!

  • Lynda Walker

    Natalia Damini is my new favorite artist

    • Lilly N. Duarte

      my fav too!!she is Amazing what voice!!!

  • Lilly N. Duarte

    This a super hot track Natalia Damini have a sexy voice woow!! together with Nicki Minaj is F**k awesome!!my fav song!!