Whatcha Say: Shakira, Rihanna and Lana Del Rey Got Our Readers Talking

Merry Friday, Idolator readers! It’s been a pop-tastic week ’round these parts, kicking off at the start of the week with the premiere of Rihanna and Shakira‘s “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” Lily Allen‘s “Air Balloon” and Paloma Faith‘s “Can’t Rely On You.”

Meanwhile, the competition is fierce in Idolator World between our Britney Spears super fans for a chance to win a signed copy of Britney Jean. And speaking of battles, we need your help to name the Top Twerker for our ticket giveaway for Miley‘s Bangerz Tour. Make sure to vote on both if you haven’t already!

Plus, Kylie Minogue just revealed the lyrics for her “Into The Blue,” and the ladies known as Danity Kane have made their grand return to the music scene with “Bye Baby.” It’s all happening — and as always, you guys had plenty to say this week.

:: kmnfvjnkf found the Shakira and Rihanna duet to be delightful — and for true music lovers only — on Shakira & Rihanna’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You”: Listen: “People that want normal basic pop can go and hear Miley Cyrus, Beyonce or Kesha. This is reggae with rock, unless you have an expanded music taste you probably won’t get this.”

:: Cristina also loved the song: “I really liked this! Personally for me I’m not all into the whole techno pop sounding music and I’m really glad Shakira went back to her pop/rock roots and added a whole islandy flair to the song. I love it!! It doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio right now and for that I’m grateful. This sounds like a classic Shakira song– I don’t know why people were expecting some crazy dance party song..”

:: But blaackeagle remained unimpressed: “It could be muuuuch better than it is. Even worse than the cover art. No fire, no flames, no bitchiness, no hotness – girls lost their charm. Ordinary tropicana beach-cheap-bar melody. #1 single? Hell NO!”

:: Alex was flabbergasted by the beauty of the acoustic remix of Britney‘s “Perfume” with Sia on Britney Spears & Sia Team Up On Acoustic Version Of “Perfume”: Listen: “Finally a version that truly expresses the real feeling of the song. Sia adds a little more drama to the song which fits perfectly with the melody. Beautiful.”

:: And aerogens liked it so much, he was just plain mad: “If Britney’s team didn’t at least contemplate to release a version like this as the official single, they must be brain dead. This is far better than the original.”

:: lala was also unsurprised, but for a different reason — Idol‘s subpar performance on ‘American Idol’ Season 13 Premieres To Worst Ratings Ever: “Meh, it’s time to put it out to pasture!”

:: Naomi was saddened by Lana’s snub on 2014 Oscar Nominations: Pharrell, U2 Up For Best Original Song, Taylor Swift & Lana Del Rey Snubbed: “Even though I’m a little disappointed that Lana didn’t get a nomination, I’m not surprised because The Great Gatsby was an okay film. At least Young and Beautiful was nominated at the Grammys for Best Song Written for Visual Media, so at least that’s something.”

:: As was sdfghj, who suspected foul play: “SOOOO UNFAIR! Lana’s composition is better than all of those. Even the name of the song fufills its grace and beauty. I am surprised that even the Gatsby soundtrack did not get nominated. There had to be some sabotage.”

:: Jesus Take The Wheel read into Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson‘s positioning on the Idol alum Forbes list on Carrie Underwood Tops Kelly Clarkson On ‘Forbes’ List Of Top-Earning ‘American Idol’ Alums: “Carrie Underwood Tops Kelly Clarkson…hmm…looks like someone’s been reading Reba McEntire’s Christmas list again!”

:: The uniquely named —uuu-u___( 0 u 0 )___u-uuu— was swooning for Lorde on Lorde Covers ‘Rolling Stone,’ Talks About Being Nervous: “Lorde is talented – like many artists, and smart – like some artists, but fascinating – like bugger all artists.”

:: drew wasn’t so hooked on the new Danity jam on Danity Kane Come Back Swinging With Excellent New Song “Bye Baby”: Listen: “Hi Idolator! Usually we are pretty synonymous with our taste, but I almost fell asleep during this. I just want another Dawn album!”

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