Kylie Minogue’s “Into The Blue”: Hear Her New Single

Kylie Minogue‘s “Into the Blue” has leaked, proof positive that she was perhaps too good at building anticipation for its January 27 release date. (Catch the song’s lyrics over at Following a hashtag tease, a snapshot from her video shoot, and interviews, her new single popped up hours after Amazon revealed its artwork (above).

While launched by piano chords and a wash of strings, “Into the Blue” truly takes off at the seismic hook, where Minogue’s crystalline voice soars over an arena-ready dance breakdown. She sounds optimistic, if not in total bliss.

Previously, the diva’s said some promising things of her new single — how its sound “essentially retains my DNA,” that she used past hits (“Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” “I Shouldn’t Be So Lucky”) as reference points and therefore, yes, it would be a Kylie song. Was she right? Hear the song after the jump and weigh in at the comments.

Kylie Minogue, “Into the Blue”

[via Tumblr]

  • Vince

    Awesome song!!!! Sounds like a the start of a beautiful new day. Refreshing.

  • sean

    gosh its damn good!!!!

  • Brandon

    I love Kylie! She slays my existence.

  • Jack

    It sounds like “Firework” sans the vocal strain.

  • Adam

    Fantastic, a winner

  • Brandon Betts

    I love it! Cannot wait for more of the album!

  • Meghan

    borrrringgg song ? chessy and sounds like ive heard it hundreds of times already

  • James

    The song doesn’t match the appealing single cover nor past #1 hits like “CGYOOMH” or “Slow.” It’s not bad, but not great either. Disappointing, overall.

  • Scott Bennett

    LOVE. Thanks for sticking around and giving us more musical gifts, Kylie. This song makes me feel like Spring is coming soon…

  • Nate JZ

    OMFG!!! the vocals!!!! name another pop song that reaches this level of crystal clear vocals!

  • Lance Burchard

    OMG KYLIE !!!!!! So worth the wait and I’m so excited for the new album to be released…Into the Blue is pop perfection xxx

  • DC

    Its auto tuned to the hilt. they use computers to make her voice sound stronger…

  • MusicManDave

    Kylie always seems to keep our attention when the first single comes out to the world. Just like Madonna, we wait to see what she will come out with next. I am happy with this one. The production is great. Sure it is not like CGYOOMH but it does show us that she can keep up with todays music. Lyrics are great and her new look is dazzling hot in my opinion. The new album should be amazing as usual.

  • ben

    Pretty sure her past hit was ” I SHOULD be so lucky” – not “i shouldn’t…”

  • Gustavo Odria

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I LOVE YOU KYLIE!!! Can’t wait to see you in concert again! I’m excited and eager to hear the rest of the new album! #intotheblue

  • Don

    Am I the only one who hears a stark similarity between “Into the blueeeeee” and “Now I’m with youuuuuu” from Delta Goodrem’s “Sitting on the Top of the World”?

    • Matt Davis

      a little bit, but I think it’s just a coincidence cause that’s the only part of the song that has any similarity and it’s still different

  • Matt Davis

    right, I love that Kylie isn’t going into the EDM death pit and she’s pulling out this amazing music! this is a track that she can dance to, or just stand at a mic and sing. a massive congrats to the Aussie princess, but it was obvious she’d put out something incredible. ITB beats Shak & Riri’s CRTFY out of the water.

  • Matt Davis