Lady Gaga Eyeing “Gypsy” As Next ‘ARTPOP’ Single?

Jan 22nd, 2014 // 3 Comments

Remember Lady Gaga? She’s that major pop star who disappeared after firing her manager, releasing a great duet and then either shelving or nixing altogether the video for that duet after it turned out the other half was sung by a truly terrible person. (And it certainly didn’t help that the video was also set to be directed by a skeevy dude.) So yeah, amidst bad luck and claims of betrayal, the ARTPOP queen has been in hiding, as far as Gaga standards go. But she may have a triumphant return up her sleeve! Gaga appears to be plotting a single release for her euphoric ARTPOP cut ”Gypsy.”

Pop Justice did some Internet sleuthing, noticing “Gypsy” is on Interscope’s Soundcloud page in a playlist of new songs they’re promoting, and it was also part of a roundup of new songs to hit radio in the US. Sounds like a single release campaign to us! 

The song was co-written by her frequent collaborators RedOne and DJ White Shadow, and is widely considered by fans as the one ARTPOP track that totally recaptures the gleeful pop magic of her earlier material. Hopefully that means she can recapture some of her chart magic, too.

[via Pop Justice]

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  1. drew

    “Gypsy” is a great song, but I think GaGa really should just keep working on ARTPOP II and try and start this era over…

  2. HC

    In my opinion, ‘Gypsy’ is the best track on ‘ArtPop’. I truly believe ‘Gypsy’ has the potential to be one of Gaga’s best selling singles.
    “G.U.Y.” should be the 4th single, Sexxx Dreams should be the 5th single, Venus should be the 6th single and Manicure the 7th single (great summer jam)

  3. Brandon

    There is nothing memorable about “Gypsy”. It will do about as well as Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” played for a couple of weeks then shelved. I would have picked “G.U.Y. ” The Artpop era is over.

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