“It Should Be Easy” Could Be Britney Spears’ Next Single After All

“It Should Be Easy” could be the third cut from Britney Spears‘ underperforming Britney Jean album after all. Remixes of the Will.i.am-assisted track landed in clubs a couple of weeks ago but fans were quickly reassured that it was just a stop-gap measure until an official single was settled on. Well, it looks like we were duped!

The track was added to a handful of radio stations last week and uploaded to Britney’s official VEVO account today (January 24). Nothing is official until RCA sends out the press release but it seems increasingly likely that “It Should Be Easy” is single number three. This is seriously disappointing. Britney Jean isn’t exactly a treasure trove of great material but there are much better songs on it (“Alien”, “Passenger” and “Body Ache” for example) than this overcooked EDM excursion.

What did you think about “It Should Be Easy” being a single? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Via Ultimate Music]

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  • aerogens

    The amount of negative comments on the video are hilarious. And they’re even coming from Britney fans. I feel like Alien would be a much smarter choice.

  • Meghan

    its not as bad as people make out .. I think it would be a hit in the UK as everything Will touches does well there… I think alien , tik tik boom or body ache are better choices though

  • Fraser

    Preach! Alien or Passenger should be released.

  • Jay

    It’s starting to make sense why they would choose to release it…The obvious being “Britney Jean” is underperforming…and because “Perfume” also tanked. Her label is probably wanting to go with a more OBVIOUS song like this or even “Til It’s Gone.” “Alien” and “Passenger” are world’s away better choices and fan favorites but will that translate to a hit single? “Perfume” was a favorite and look how that turned out.

  • Matt Davis


  • Floptina_Legend

    i am choking on my tears, this is a travesty! Alien shouldve been the third single!~!!

  • MIke

    Alien is the obvious choice! Way better song…

  • blaackeagle

    Oh, God. I’m so angry!!! Of course, ALIEN and PASSENGER must be the 3rd and final singles from BJ. These 2 songs are so original for Britney as musician and artist. They sound so fresh and different.
    Sorry, but f*ck wiil.i.am.! He managed to get the last piece from Britney because he knows he won’t ever work with her because of the results. TOO ANGRY, bxxtches!!!

  • Greg

    Can I just say this…. F**K will.i.am, and F**K RCA Records. I literally hate the Britney gets no control over her career whatsof**king ever. She’s said a trillion times that she loves ‘Alien’, and wanted it to be a single. Mysteriously they cut it from the ‘Piece of Me’ setlist, and now this piece of 2008, will.i.am shoveled, piece of crap song is going to be how they promote this already lost album?

    Someone should walk into RCA and slap the sh*t out of their chairman, or whoever has anything to do with these decisions.

    You wanna retire Brit, you have my blessing as a long time fan. Enough of this crap… go have your kids, get married and live your life. This industry is just disgusting.

  • blaackeagle

    ‘Now That I Found You’ is also added to Britney’s VEVO. I means “it Should Be Easy” probably is NOT the 3rd single. Will there ever be the next single? Now I doubt but I pray for Passenger and Alien.

  • Jack

    “Now That I Found You” is a SMASH. Thank god they changed their minds. Britney Jean will finally see a hit.

  • Claudio Rossi Marcelli

    I live in Switzerland and Till It’s Gone has been on radio rotation for sometime now, i assumed that was the new single.

  • chris231303

    I was hoping Til it’s gone, Alien or Body Ache would be the third single…

    I’m so sad that the album is underperforming… Alien should’ve been the Lead Single, then followed by Til it’s gone, Work Bitch/Perfume/Body Ache.

  • Skotty DaSilva

    I like this song a lot so I am happy. however, I would have liked a more personal feel to this singles music video like HIAM with Alien :)

  • Bret Michael Sears

    if you know anything about the industry, this song is hit worthy. the next single will be this or Tick Tick Boom. IF there’s a fourth single, maybe passenger. There’s no way Alien is getting radio play, it doesn’t even sound radio friendly. wish people stop using their personal favorites to justify radio friendly. two different legues.