Shakira Strums A Guitar On The Seriously Sexy Cover Of Her New Self-Titled Album

Jan 24th, 2014 // 6 Comments
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Hold on to your wigs, pop divas. Shakira just unveiled the cover of her self-titled new album and she means business — strumming a guitar in a sexy black outfit with her trademark bed hair flowing like strands of spun gold. It’s definitely one of the Colombian goddess’ hottest looks and gives Kylie Minogue‘s lovely Kiss Me Once artwork a run for its money.

The 36-year-old also announced a partnership with Target. The retail giant will release a deluxe edition of Shakira complete with three exclusive bonus tracks and run an expensive commercial during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (January 26) to promote it. With “Can’t Remember To Forget You” performing well at radio, this has the potential to be a blockbuster era.

Do you love the cover? Give us your verdict in the comments below.

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  1. James

    Are you having a laugh ! This album cover is terrible, bland boring doesn’t tell you anything about the album ……Kiss me Once is so much more striking role on the release!

  2. Are you blind?! This cover is just awful and boring! Looks like her footballer has made it during a private session. And the font is terrible as well! I’m not a fan of Kylie’s cover, but at least it’s more inspired than Shakira’s. And a guitar? Really?! WTF?! She doesn’t even sing live nor is she famous for playing the guitar… Shakira is soooooooooo desperate! You shouldn’t even mention GODDESS Kylie in the same sentence!

  3. Erm… “and performing well at radio” and “potential to be a blockbuster era” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Everybody hates CRTFY! It’s a FLOP! Only the video could save this song! Not even collaborating with the most successful female pop star on the planet has helped her to a hit!

    • Paul fricovsky

      Wow someone sounds very very ignorant ! How or why would someone talk bad about something or someone they don’t know at 100% or even googled at all….. Let me guess you are American ?:/ perhaps most likely this comment would only come from someone who is American or Australian for that fact of trying to be American. It’s very understandable your comment coming from either one of the 2countires in which SHAKIRA is just not as popular but honey SHAKIRA is a world international star .! Just like Kylie actually more successful than Kylie sorry to bust your bubble but it’s true. Just googled them and look under Wikipedia SHaKIRA has sold 90 million records Kylie 70! Shakira has had 3 world sold out tours 3 that lasted 1.5 years each visiting over 100 countries! She has had numerous hits around the world (not in the USA nor Australia) but those are only 2 countries of this planet (I think )lol can’t remember to forget you reached number 1in 58 countries in 24 hours ;) ( it’s not a great song I give u that it’s what a call a grower listen to it 5 times and I’ll love it) my point here is that SHAKIRA is A Goddess that you clearly know nothing of. Oh and by the way she sings live in all her tours plays the guitar the piano the harmonica the drums this comes from a Poland fan who has been to all 3 of her tours cheers!

  4. I can’t believe you’re dissing Goddess KYLIE and name Shakira a “goddess”. WTF?!?!? There’s only ONE GODDESS, and her name is KYLIE!

    • alex lamar

      C’mon people… Kylie who?? Im sorry but Kylie Minogue is old and irrelevant. I really like her and all but lets face it.. When was the last time she had a #1.. or even a top 10.?? Nobody cares about her anymore. Everything she makes sounds the same… people (including me) are tired of the same beats on her songs. Good for Shakira, she might not be a goddess in the US but she certainly is in Latin America and she definitely making her mark in the US as well. Im so tired of that electronic stuff on almost every song on the radio… we need somethin different!! And Shakira is for sure giving us something fresh! Open your eyes people!!

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