15 Forgotten Reasons Why 2000 Was The Best Year In Pop Music

13. “U+Me (Calculus)”  2gether

It’s easy to forget that 2gether was not an actual band, because their fabricated music was just too catchy! Created by the masterminds at MTV, 2gether was a satirical creation based on boy bands like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Their breakout hit, “U+Me (Calculus),” may seem foolish at first glance — but it can no doubt sit comfortably on albums like No Strings Attached and Black & Blue. 2gether’s synchronized harmonies and guitar-laden tunes worked in their favor – the band ended up opening for Britney Spears‘ summer tour that same year.

12. “I’m Outta Love”  Anastacia

In 2000, artists like Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Christina Aguilera were praised for their wide vocal range. But a name that was missing on the list of pop powerhouses was Anastacia. She got her start as a backup singer before breaking out on her own with her underrated debut single and only Billboard Hot 100 tune  “I’m Outta Love.” Anastacia may be small (she is a mere 5’2″) but her soulful voice made up for her tiny stature. Her gospel-inspired vocals paired with a pumping disco rhythm made “I’m Outta Love” a Y2K classic.