15 Forgotten Reasons Why 2000 Was The Best Year In Pop Music

3. “Never Had A Dream Come True”  S Club 7

S Club 7 was no doubt the biggest pop group of the teen era (literally  they had seven members), making waves both internationally and in their home country of England. Their music was pure, unadulterated pop music with soothing harmonies and tinges of R&B which made it less teen-centric and more mainstream. One of their most popular songs, “Never Had A Dream Come True,” showcases all of these elements. After five albums, a television series and 10 million records sold worldwide, S Club 7 sadly broke up in 2003. Dreams of a reunion tour have yet to come true…

2. “I Knew I Loved You”  Savage Garden

Some of the best pop music from the Y2K era came from outside America. Countries like England, Ireland, Sweden and Norway flooded the airwaves with numerous artists. But the best of them all arguably came from Down Under, care of Australian duo Savage Garden. They were known for their lovey-dovey ballads, and their heartbreakingly beautiful single “I Knew I Loved You” was a radio favorite. It is the perfect first wedding dance song, the perfect proposal song and the perfect song to bawl your eyes out to when missing a significant other. Sadly, after releasing only two albums, the duo split in 2001  crushing girls’ (and some guys’) hearts everywhere.

1. “Gotta Tell You”  Samantha Mumba

Many acts in 2000 were bound to become one-hit wonders, but a handful of others showed potential. Samantha Mumba is one who had the star package yet never got the chance to make it big. The Irish singer rivaled her bottle-blonde pop counterparts across the pond with her sultry contralto voice and supermodel looks. Her single “Gotta Tell You” was the breakout song from her first and only studio album, and eventually became certified platinum. The singer took some time off to focus on her acting, but she has announced on Twitter that she’s making an official comeback for 2014!! Look out for her new single “Only Just Begun,” on February 21.

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