Report: Kanye West Has Settled Assault Case

TMZ reports that Kanye West has settled with his alleged assault victim for $250,000. The gossip site says the man agreed to the settlement and no longer wants to proceed with criminal charges against West. The D.A. is still mulling over whether to charge the star with battery, but with a now uncooperative victim, TMZ claims any more movement on the case is unlikely.

The incident took place on January 14, when Kim Kardashian entered a medical office and the 18-year-old victim allegedly hurled racial slurs at Kim (“Fuck you, bitch… Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut”). Soon after, she called her fiance West, who is said to have punched the man once he arrived.

After the story broke, Kim claimed the man threatened to kill her (“I will kill you, slut”) and TMZ reported she wanted to seek charges related to making criminal threats. Add in that the man’s alleged racial epithets sparked the whole thing, and his case in criminal court wasn’t looking too good, hence agreeing to a settlement that was reportedly many hundreds of thousands of dollars less than his initial demand.

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