“Dark Horse” Becomes Katy Perry’s 9th Number One Hit On The Billboard Hot 100

That Katy Perry reign really won’t let up! After the smallest of missteps with “Unconditionally”, which still peaked at a respectable number 14, the hitmaker returns to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with Juicy J-assisted trap-pop gem “Dark Horse”.

The infectious Prism single, which nudged Ke$ha and Pitbull‘s “Timber” from the top spot, becomes Katy’s ninth chart-topper since 2008. She not only becomes the first artist to reach the summit every year since 2010 but also climbs to 10th on the all-time list for number one hits.

Katy is now in an equal tie Elton John, the Bee Gees, Paul McCartney and Usher. Not bad company! See who has more number one hits than the 29-year-old after the jump.

The Beatles — 20
Mariah Carey — 18
Michael Jackson and Rihanna — 13
Madonna and The Supremes — 12
Whitney Houston — 11
Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder — 10

And for the record, here are the diva’s chart-toppers:

“I Kissed A Girl” (2008)
“California Gurls” (2010)
“Teenage Dream” (2010)
“Firework” (2010)
“E.T.” (2011)
“Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” (2011)
“Part Of Me” (2012)
“Roar” (2013)
“Dark Horse” (2014)

How many number one hits will Katy have by the end of the Prism era? Speculate in the comments below.

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  • Jack

    I predict at least 5 number ones from the prism era…. two down already. It is very possible that she will get 6 or 7, but not for sure.

  • Ralph

    As impresive as this is she, unfortunately, set another record with Dark Horse. She is now the only artist in history to have 9 #1 singles and no Grammys. How can the Grammy voters justify this? What does she have to do?

  • mdb

    I think another three (maybe four) number one hits will come from Prism. Would be nice for KP to have a Grammy ,but sounds like it’s more important to KP to be able to continue performing and writing music.

    • Leandro Rodrigues

      I believe “Birthday” will reach the summit. I also consider “International smile” as a potential single choice.

  • Lilly Jasper

    The Beatle have 27 not 20.

    • Leandro Rodrigues

      The Beatles have 20 in the US

  • Matthew

    Aaaand the answer is two :) I think the Super Bowl was a smart move because clearly his star is dimming; she and the label are hoping it will do for her career what it did for Beyonce’s career – Beyonce’s light was out after 4 and Katy’s light, as I’ve already said, is almost out. Unfortunately for Katy, she doesn’t have a former beloved girl group, nor being known for amazing performances to her name. So, the result of what the Super Bowl will do for her is to be determined.