Miley Cyrus Offers Advice To Justin Bieber On ‘The Tonight Show’: Watch

Lately, Justin Bieber has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons: a drag-racing incident in Florida, an alleged assault in Toronto and a toxicology report of marijuana and prescription medication use. With all that in mind, Tonight Show host Jay Leno asked guest Miley Cyrus for some advice.

“You know what? You got a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble, and party at your house,” she said. “Buy a house, and add a club to it.”

Cyrus stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about her MTV Unplugged show and 38-city Bangerz tour, which starts February 14 in Vancouver. Leno cues a clip to prove that Cyrus has acted mischievously since age 2, when she crashed the Crook & Chase set — and during a interview with father Billy Ray Cyrus — to show off her already-perfect side eye and “boyfriend,” a horrific-looking Willie Nelson doll. (The real deal, age 80, looked far more intact at this year’s Grammys.)

But as they can both attest, Cyrus has yet to get in much as trouble as Bieber has over the past year. “I’m not doing anything illegal,” she says. “I’m doing a lot of shit — oh, sorry! But I’m not doing anything illegal, so that’s alright. Everything I do is legal in California.” Watch Cyrus dole out advice to Bieber up top, then see her (adorable) Crook & Chase appearance after the jump.

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