Austin Mahone Steps Back In Time In “Mmm Yeah” Lyric Video: Watch

Jan 31st, 2014 // 9 Comments
Austin Hits The Disco!

Austin Mahone taps omnipresent rapper Pitbill for latin-flavored single “Mmm Yeah”, so his decision to hit the disco in the song’s retro-tastic lyric video is slightly confusing. But really, who cares when you get to see the 17-year-old give Saturday Night Fever realness in a giant blond afro and flares?

“Mmm Yeah” is the third taste of Austin’s much-anticipated debut LP Junior Year after RedOne produced dance-pop anthem “What About Love” and (failed) hip-hop excursion “Banga Banga”. The song has performed well thus far — climbing all the way to number two on iTunes and debuting at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100. Watch up top.

Is “Mmm Yeah” a hit? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Sean

    Am I the only one who recognizes that this kid wrecked a song by one of the most underrated alt pop acts of the last decade?

    “Nu Nu (Yeah Yeah)” by FannyPack

    These guys were doing$ha 2009-present over a decade ago. The original could be a hit even now.

  2. John

    “Nu Nu” is a song from 1992 by Lidell Townsell. Fanny Pack covered it in 2005.

  3. AxelTheKing

    Justin Bieber’s song Baby is about his crush who broke his heart. Same is here, Mmm Yeah is a song about a crush you broke Austin’s heart. And they both are from their first album… So same xD

    • JCWG

      It’s not about his heart being broken. It’s about a 17 year old catcalling a random woman on the street, asking what her name is, and when she ignores him and keeps on going about her day, he oogles her ass. Look up the lyrics.

      I don’t think the song is bad, I mean, the kid sings okay and the beat is good, but the lyrics are a little creepy.

  4. asha s

    austin m ur big fan from india, bangalore my dream is to meet u once b4 i die so plz cum to bangalore n my request is for now plz telecast t ‘mmm yeah’ original video over d world plz m waiti n m damn sure dat this album will give u big break n also huge collection plz release it soon as soon m eagerly waiti

  5. Jay

    That was just a purely awful, awful song. It speaks volumes that he enlisted a rapper like Pitbull whereas Justin Bieber had better connections than that…Usher, Ludacris, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj and he had better material when he first started.
    Why keep trying to make Austin Mahone a thing? Clearly, the public isn’t already interested. Teen pop seems to be vacated by One Direction for just a while longer it seems.

  6. #Mahomie

    I think the song is really good! I think Austin’s best was What About Love, but that’s me. :)
    Austin is definitely getting more notoriety, which he deserves. He’s definitely the new JB, having a very good view in the public eye and all that.

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